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Big Dreams for young artist with Little Bitty Heart!

Penelope Robin aka “Penny Robin” is an 8-year-old pop singer and performer from Miami, FL. She was born July 21st, 2007. She began acting at age 5 and since then has developed a true passion for the arts. Penelope began acting via comedy skits for the Miami sketch comedy show “Mr. Melvin” and then appeared in various music and art videos. In 2014 she was a part of legendary club dance DJ Tony Moran’s video “Take it all the way” and later that year she appeared in Scope during Art Basel Miami as “Penny” which is a video art love story between a girl and an owl directed by local celebrity Milcho. Her 12-year-old brother Anthony is a young film director, and together they develop short films and skits.

Penny comes from an artistic family. Her mom is a producer and director and her father is Grammy nominated multi-platinum producer and songwriter Chris Rodriguez, with whom she writes all of her music.

Aside from being in love with music, Penelope is a fashionista at heart. She has an eye for fashion trends and loves creating her own looks, which she sports beautifully on her favorite social media Instagram often using the hashtags #LittleDiva and #Fashionista.

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