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Soulidium Encourages Paris To Rise Up With “Shattered Man” Tribute Video

In the wake of the recent terrorist attacks in Paris, France, over the past weekend, Florida-bred rock collective Soulidium are looking to bring a sense of strength to the international hub.

With that in mind, the band have proudly unveiled a tribute video to their new song, “Shattered Man.”

“French blood runs in the veins of my family, and this was a brutal and cowardly attack on innocent blood,” lead singer Michael McKnight states. “I decided to make this tribute video because I wanted to do something inspiring for the people of France. ‘Shattered Man’ is a song about rising up out of the ashes of opposition and refusing to give in.”

The nearly four-minute clip features a masked young lady walking through the streets of Paris, while snippets of a tragic news report surfaces. Also, towards the end of the visual journey, there is an inspirational quote from the late Charles de Gaulle, an iconic French President.

“The masked girl in the video represents the spirit of France. Despite the horrors around her, she continues to walk proudly down the streets of Paris because she knows that so long as the spirit of France remains strong, nothing can defeat her,” McKnight explains.

But while “Shattered Man” pays tribute to those in Paris, it also serves as a wake-up call for all nations to set their differences aside, work together, and rid the planet of terrorism.

“This world is lost in an ocean of politics where conflicting personal interests prevent us from uniting for the betterment of not just a single country, but the entire world. I think it’s time for us to put aside personal interests and act together before it’s too late,” McKnight says.

He continues, “While we are squabbling about political correctness, afraid to use words like ‘Radical Islam’ for fear of offending anyone, the terrorists are killing our families without apology and growing in numbers. If a politician is more worried about offending the cowards who are killing their people, rather than being offended by the bloodshed of its citizens, then I say that politician is a traitor. The only way to defeat a merciless enemy is to exceed their mercilessness. I’m tired of watching this world drown in an ocean of political correctness, politics and mere talk. Fourteen years after 9/11, It’s time to stop dragging ass and get this job done as a united planet.”

“Shattered Man” appears on Soulidium’s just-released second album, Awaken.

Awaken is available for purchase on iTunes and all other digital retail stores.

About Soulidium:
Conceptualized by singer/songwriter and producer Michael McKnight, Soulidium came to life in 2006 in Tampa, Florida, with a focus on rock, as well as a theatrical emphasis on showmanship. In 2007, the collective unveiled their debut album, Children Of Chaos, which spawned a slew of singles including “Drama,” “The Light,” and “Trapped,” with the latter appearing on the SAW IV Soundtrack. The band supported the effort by performing alongside rock heavyweights Alice In Chains, Alter Bridge, Breaking Benjamin, Sevendust and Taproot. In 2011, Soulidium took a hiatus, only to rise again four years later with their highly anticipated sophomore album, Awaken, which is set to be released October 30th, 2015 via their Soulidium Records imprint.


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