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Album Review: Sros Lords – Rule

Originally from Detroit, Michigan, Sros Lords have released a new album titled Rule on Earyummy Records. The punk band is formed by members Morgan on guitar and vocals, Jamie on drums, and Cait on synth. Rule showcases the simplicity of the instruments, which gives it a very raw aspect in true punk fashion–gritty fast and short.


“Beacon of Hope” has the cleanest guitar riff intro from the entire album. It surprises you and catches your attention, successfully introducing the style of the band to the listener.


“Erica” slightly more heavy and darker sounding. The vocal delivery has a much more passionate and deliberate technique.


The track “Cocaine” has a peculiar start which I found hilarious. Besides the grunting intro, the song stood out to me because the ever-present synth reminded me of Michael Jackson’s “Beat It”.


“Slow Death” a different stylistic approach was taken with this song and it would have been a great opportunity for the band to show a different side to their abilities. However the overdone buzz effect hides it.


Hoping for a neat and crisp punk song throughout the album, Sros Lords did not deliver. The synth buzz effect over every single song hid the abilities of the band. However, if that is what they were going for, they NAILED it (with the precision of a handheld nail-gun).


For more information on Sros Lords check them out at:

 Sros Lords Homepage

Sros Lords on Facebook

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