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Purity Ring at The National in Richmond, VA – 9/20/2015

Purity Ring duo Megan James and Corrin Roddick electrocuted The National Sunday night, preforming their absolutely electric new album Another Eternity on stage. The album is a work of genius alone, but lets focus on the bands natural power while playing live.

Its hard to believe that it was just the two of them on stage; the colorfully pulsing lights, and the energetic rhythms filled the entire venue creating the illusion of an army of musicians. the streams of light flowed with altering colors and percussionist Corrin Roddick kept the stage ablaze with shining crystals that ignited with each beat he played.

“Flood On the Floor” and  “Stranger Than Earth” were two of my personal favorites, because of the unparalleled ebb and flow, amplified by the bands powerful performance. The crowd went wild for the two singles “Push and Pull” and “Begin Again”, not to mention the throwback to the single “Fineshrine” off their first album Shrines.

The lyrics are dark and melancholic, but are sung with such energy and beauty that they inspire an incredibly unique feeling of somber hope. The album is great and the band preformed spectacularly. Their aesthetic with gorgeous lights, hand sewn stage outfits (by Megan James) and brilliant album make this band a true experience. This suave new age feel carries over to their website and their merchandise. I couldn’t help but buy a shirt as soon as I saw them.

They’re on world tour until mid February, so check their tour dates here.

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