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Album Review: December Rose – December Rose

It doesn’t take a lengthy analysis to understand what makes pop music so appealing to the masses. After all, if music is an art form that resonates with us all, then pop, with its effortless ability to tap into the human psyche, hit the musical jackpot. However, every now and then a record comes along that manages to burrow past the quick-fix comforts of your typical Top-40 party tunes and tap into a hidden reservoir of raw emotion that leaves you contemplating your own feelings as you repeatedly click replay. This is the tale of the self-titled debut album of 22-year-old Canadian singer December Rose.

As a classically trained musician from the prestigious Royal Conservatory of Music, December Rose uses lessons gained from the classroom to produce a record that’s more than piano chords and violin-laced symphonies (although the former is used sporadically throughout). Instead, she creates an album bursting with color, painted to the tunes of love and liberation.

Beginning with “Without You” and continuing through “Don’t Give Up On Love” and “Understand, the album serenades us like an ode to the love-struck who’ve gained their freedom simply by falling in love. Of the three songs, “Understands” sticks out in a whimsical way. The easy-going feel of the song, at times makes this track feel more like a dedication to someone rather than a song about someone. As a result, it’s one of the album’s standouts.

On the flip side, “Ball Game,” employs a classic karma-driven storyline that highlights the empowerment of being liberated from love. While the pulsating, EDM-infused beats of “Came Here To Party,” might seem out of place on this slow-tempo, love-driven EP, the closing track embodies pop music at its core: freedom from the realities of life as you lose yourself to the music.

Over all, with catchy melodies and emphatic lyrics, December Rose has debuted a solid album fit for the love-struck, the broken hearted, and the carefree. The only flaw is as soon as you’re really getting into the record, it’s over, but perhaps that’s how fleeting love and liberation can be sometimes.

Rating: 8.5/10

Album Highlights: “Understand,” “Ball Game,” “Came Here To Party”

Release Date: 8/21/15

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