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New Foals Singles!

English band Foals have been around since 2005, and their new album What Went Down is set to be released August 28th, and is as relevant as imaginable. The group continues to grow and evolve with an innovative style of all their own, fresh even in their fourth studio album.

It is prevalent in their three new singles that they have truly mastered song progression. “Mountain At My Gates”, “What Went Down” and “A Knife In The Ocean” are expertly crafted to grow and flow, and even when you think they can’t become more powerful, they raise the bar. The songs shrink, slowly rebuild, decompose, dissolve and then explode, to make each one, an individual masterpiece.

I can only imagine how each track will work in unity with the next in the final product of the album. I was certain that Tame Impala had won best album of the year, but these three singles from Foals already have me doubting my premature judgement. The new Foals album may very well be the best album of 2015… I can’t wait until August 28th to make the decision.

According to iTunes, every song on the album will have a corresponding video, making this album not only an audio experience, but also a visual piece. Check out the incredibly artistic music videos for the three singles below:

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