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PREMIERE: Atlas Jungle’s debut track “Snow Cat”

Atlas Jungle comes together in their debut single, “Snow Cat” to combine an electric sound with a psychedelic groove. The debut track is the perfect example of funk rock jam. A feeling of mystery ensues from the synth introduction, while the bass guitar and drums make the song worthy of your best head nods. I think of it as the perfect song for a weekend night spent hanging with friends on a back porch after a long muddy day at Bonnaroo.

And the video for “Snow Cat” is as eclectic as the track! The video features a light show that is controlled by the instruments in the live performance and projected across a Connecticut library. As frontman Jeremy Spang and the rest of the guys groove, the background hosts a beautiful kaleidoscope of lights perfectly synched with the music and illuminating the performance. It’s quite mesmerizing.

Atlas Jungle’s debut EP will be released August 14th. Until the rest of their debut EP comes out, you can enjoy Atlas Jungle’s music video for “Snow Cat” on YouTube https://youtu.be/cJFE8bGghhc

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