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Pirate Pimpin’ – Kaptain Krook

Kaptain Krook’s first full mixtape/album written and recorded within Krook’s first year of music.  All verses and choruses were written by Krook himself for his songs.  This mixtape features many already familiar bay area artists such as AKA Frank, Fillmoe Rocky, Kri$$y Blanco, Crutch_707, Yung Villen, $pencity, and Cache $treet.  What began as merely a fun pastime/hobby for Krook quickly became an everyday activity and will hopefully become his fulltime career.  Although the context of the songs is mostly pirate slang and references, all of these songs still relate to modern day real life situations and should be viewed as somewhat serious, but also funny and comedic.  Life is too short to be taken so seriously and should be valued every day!  Take a moment to brighten you spirits and have a good laugh… You may even become a fan!

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