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Interview with DJ NIXX

#1 Tell a bit about you for those that still don’t know you?

– Hello! Thx for the interview, i really appreciate it! Btw, im Nikola, known as Dj Nixx. I came from small country on the balkans called Macedonia. I am 25 years old and i’ve been in music industry for the past 12 years!

#2 How did it start?
– Well, it start really weird, on my best friend birthday party, 12 years ago, it was really lame and i took control of the music, and i liked that feeling. I loved to see the guests moving and having fun on my beats 🙂

#3 What is your music style when producing and when deejing?
– When i play, i play only house music. My main style is tech house, but all can vary, i can play deep house, electro…My sets are music journey. So take your ticket a let’s go, ah ah ah!!!

#4 As we have read about you, you been active in the past, what is your best moment of your musical past?
– Yeah i have been active a lot. But my best moment is my gig in Hamburg, Germany. So far, is the best experience for me.

#5 what was you last project and how did it go?
– My last project, was remixing old, traditional Macedonian song, make them sound modern and groovy. The result was fantastic, i was really suprised!

#6 What is your next project?
– At the moment im working on a song with one big house name. I cant reveal details yet, but you will hear it very soon!

#7 So what do you expect for 2015?
– I expect a lot of gigs (so far so good haha), a new contract from a really known record label, and a little tour across Europe.

#8 You just team up with Alexi Armandsen and Armandsen E&M….what is your feeling about it right now?
– Yeah! I know Alexi a long, long time, it started with some online work in 2012, i used to be his music arranger him some of his tracks and beats, then we finally met in person this year. We spoke about few ideas and we agreed few things and since one month ago and he already made a difference in my career, in positive way. Experiences and the right mindset are always a plusI am really looking forward to work with Alexi Armandsen and Armandsen E&M.

#9 What are your expectation of this agreement?
– I am expecting some gigs outside my country, a lot of new music, new vibes, new doors, new network, but most of all, a lot of fun! 🙂

#10 Where can we listen to your work?

www.soundcloud.com/dj-nixx www.youtube.com/nvshevagoll

#11 What can we wish you for 2015?
You can wish me a lot of success and good time.

(Interview organised by Alexi Armandsen / Armandsen E&M)

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