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Bullyheart – ANTIGRAVITY

Bullyheart – ANTIGRAVITY 

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Bullyheart is musician Venice, California native, Holly Long’s, new project. The premier album ANTIGRAVITY is a raw-edged record, sounding urgent & alive on first listen. It is home for her rebel-heart which shows what it’s like living life as a complex woman. Love and anger- contempt and awe- humility and power, all co-exist in harmony within Holly’s voice. All pieces of the whole that make up Bullyheart’s unique and yet familiar howl. Listeners can find comfort and a feeling of love while listening to ANTIGRAVITY, it gives an extremely homey vibe that I personally love.

Bullyheart is an extremely talented bunch. They’re inspiring, lovable and all-around talented. I took an extra liking to a few of the songs off of their album ANTIGRAVITY and this is why:

“The Pendulum,” has a very mysterious beginning, and it gives me the chills. While listening to it, I want to relax and re-think my entire life. I could definitely see myself playing this song after having a bad day, or a bad week maybe, and letting the beautiful melodies play. It makes me feel better.

“Shaken,” is a very heartfelt and beautiful song. It describes someone the vocalist cares about having a rough time, and even though said person isn’t having the best life, they’re standing strong and walking through it. I favor this song because it makes me feel like even though things aren’t going as I need them to, I’ll be strong enough to overcome the bad times in my life.

“There Goes My Man,” is one of my favorites on the album because it’s got such a cool build-up in the beginning. Holly’s vocals overpower the instrumentals just a bit towards the middle but, I enjoy this tune. It’s kind of like a woman-power song, and I’m all for it. It’s proving that she is strong, even after losing the man she thought was the one. She’ll be okay without him, and I love that she’s promoting that to female listeners.

If you enjoyed listening to ANTIGRAVITY by Bullyheart, I suggest you take a look at some similar artists and tracks listed below;

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Bullyheart is a very talented, and harmonic band. They are going to see results if they keep pushing for their goals. I could see them touring with artists like Ryn Weaver, and maybe even Tom Petty. I would like to see this group even out the vocal tones with the background music, because in some songs one overpowers the other, but overall, I enjoy listening to them. I would definitely recommend everyone give Bullyheart a listen, because they are no doubt, unique. I really hope to hear the name “Bullyheart,” in a few years down the road and see them opening up a huge venue with some big names. There is potential in this album and I want everyone else to see it too.

Purchase Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/holly-long/id30881925

– Michelle Lopez

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