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“For a Moment” by Escher’s Enigma

“For a Moment” by Escher’s Enigma

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The extraordinary quality of “For a Moment” by Escher’s Enigma is due to the fact that both musicians have significant recording experience. This highly collaborative project saw both of them participating in the creative process of eight original songs, as well as interpretations of two popular tunes by well-known artists. Brian handled the guitars, vocals, keyboards, and midi programming, while Russ played the bass guitar. Brian mixed and mastered the album.

This is the full length thematic follow up to their critically acclaimed debut EP  “For a Moment,” it explores the relationship between self and world, covering a diverse range of genres from singer/songwriter to adult contemporary, modern pop, blues, and indie rock. The CD starts off with the soothing but complex sound of Should Have Known, with hooks and melodies galore, some excellent guitar playing and a huge flying chorus that tops it off. This is somehow electrifying because of what the vocals do for the acoustic playing. As an opener it does have its mellower side but again that is made up for in the big chorus. When Your Heart picks up the pace a little with a fine song with clever musical bits and a killer sing along vibe. If you can’t sit back and enjoy this you’re missing what great modern pop is all about. Just taste how the vocal triumphantly fades into the guitar solo, and nails the high note again at the end. This track is indeed excellent.

The next track, Bonfire Rings And Heated Pools, is once again completely different but also a repeat of the soothing sounds of the opening track. This is one of many tracks here that could use an extra minute or two of the same to round it out. But everything gets back to order on My Guitar, with a soft sweeping acoustic backing with a cool vocal that pays homage to his guitar. There isn’t a bad thing to say about this song, it’s a lot of fun and one of the more organic pieces on offer. Hide Behind The Text is one of the best tracks because of its tongue and cheek humor about smart phone communication and what people can get away with messaging each other. The rest are all of the same quality, ending with a light hearted version of the Guns ‘N Roses classic Sweet Child-O-Mine, which is well sung for my taste compared to the original any day. It’s back by a slower acoustic track but it fits the well behind what is a much better way to hear that one for me.

I-TUNES: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/for-a-moment/id954878133

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