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Amy Rose

Congratulations on your Independent Country Music Association nominations!

Where did your inspiration come from for Country Crazy? Country Crazy is a song that was written by three incredibly talented songwriters, Marty Beecroft, Glenn Coulson and Tal Bachman which describes a women that is your power driven working force by day AND by night her alter ego comes out to play as she gets all wild with her bad self, dancing on the bar, drinking whiskey shoots, playing air guitar in a “Country Crazy” kinda way!!! This song was brought to me about a year ago, I took a listen AND went holy macaroni, this song is definitely me… (Like seriously, what better describes me more then Country Crazy???) Hahahaha

Is there an album to follow? Well that is the plan BUT right now I’m having the time of my life recoding them then releasing them right away… (I think maybe when its all said and done, we’ll have an album full of released singles) Hahaha

Where can we hear your new single “County Crazy”? You can definitely hear it on radio!!! Hahaha (Don’t hesitate to pick up your phone, call your favorite radio station AND request it!!!) Hahaha Also you can hear the teaser by visiting my website www.amyrosemusic.com

Is Dolly Patron one of your biggest influences? ABSOLUTELY!!! I’am actually her biggest fan AND if anybody tells you that their a bigger fan then me, well I will hunt them down and kick some butt… Hahaha (Joking, I’m a lover not a fighter) Hahaha BUT seriously, I am her BIGGEST fan!!! 🙂

What else pushes you to create amazing country music? My incredible family, friends & fans!!! (I honestly wouldn’t be here doing what I love to do without their unbelievably amazing support that keeps me walking around this world EVERYDAY with a big ole smile on face and love in my heart… Y’all ROCK!!! (I mean COUNTRY) Hahaha

What is next for you? A whole lot of summer touring, promoting AND press… We’re gearing up to head back in the studio to work on another single due out fall 2014… Stay tuned!!!


About Amy Rose

“A Rose by any other name would smell as sweet…” said Juliet, in Shakespeare’s famous play, Romeo and Juliet.  The question is, would they sound as sweet as THIS Rose?  Part down-home country girl, part sophisticated musical veteran and “Redneck Diva,” Amy Rose has already earned a reputation for being one of Ontario, Canada’s best-known secrets.  From her early years on small-town fair and festival stages, to her recent radio airplay, charting and awards, this Rose with the soaring vocal range and pop country sensibilities is on a journey to the world stage and beyond…THIS is the beginning!


Amy’s first three singles from her forthcoming third album, “I Just Want You To Know,” “(Redneck Reunion) Party Like A Redneck” and “Sunshine” all achieved international airplay on more than 300 stations, worldwide. In April 2013, “I Just Want You To Know” reached #9 on the New Music Weekly country chart, while “Party” eclipsed that mark reaching #6 in September 2013, with “Sunshine” topping the NMW chart at #1 in February 2014. The video for “Party” also received more than 400,000 youtube views, while earning a spot on the Y’allwire Top 25 Most Viewed videos chart; “Sunshine” reached #8 on the same chart. “Party” also reached #1 on the Indie World Country Record Report, the world’s first and longest running indie country chart.  All 3 singles received Music Row chart action, with “I Just Want You To Know” peaking at #85.  In the meantime, Amy received a 2013 Ontario Country Music Association award nomination for Rising Star, three nominations and one award win in the 2013 Independent Country Music Association awards, (ICoMA) and 4 nominations in the 2013 International Music and Entertainment Association awards, for which she won Country Entertainer of the Year. In January of 2014, Amy was nominated for 2 Nashville Universe Awards, winning Best Music Video “Party Like A Redneck,” and, in February 2014, she received a nomination for Breakthrough Country Artist in the New Music Awards. In May 2014, she was nominated for 2 more ICoMA Awards.  Amy was also honored with a Barrie Cultural Grant.  A win in the Sepoy Saloon Showdown led to an August 2013 opening slot for Big & Rich, in front of 15,000 people, at the Music In The Fields festival.


Next up is the release of her 4th single, “Country Crazy.” Released in April 2014, the uptempo companion piece to “Party Like A Redneck” promises to be Amy’s biggest hit to date. The track features some of the best players in the business, including co-producer, Marty Beecroft, Acoustic Guitar, BG Vocals; Mark Prentice, Bass (Michelle Wright, Joe Diffie;) Shane Guse, Fiddle (Western Swing Authority;) Charlie Morgan, Drums (Elton John, Kate Bush;) Michael Severs, Electric Guitars (Dolly Parton, Eric Church;) and Stacey Lee Guse (BG Vocals.)


Amy Rose grew up in Barrie, Ontario, Canada, where she began her singing career at the age of 5.  Her first public performance was in a singing contest at the Barrie Promenade Days, a local fair.  A series of singing competitions followed, including her most memorable early moment: “It was at the Kinmount Fair,” Amy recalls.  “I had been the winner for the previous three years, when I was lucky enough to meet one of my local heroes, Jason McCoy (2001 CCMA Best Male Artist.)”  It was also during this period that Amy was trained in, and mastered the art of yodeling, earning her the respect of Ontario’s country music community.


Amy’s first album, One Special Girl, was released independently, when she was 13.  On the strength of this album, she landed a spot on Dorian Baxter’s Gospelenium Tour, opening for Joni and Cathy Twitty, the daughters of her then-idol, Conway Twitty.  Other openers for The Wilkinsons, Emerson Drive and High Valley followed. Her 2nd album, The Last of the True Believers, was released in 2001, receiving airplay, and earning her the reputation as one of Canada’s best young female artists.  A brief hiatus from recording gave Amy the opportunity to raise a family with her husband; passing along the strong values that have always been an important part of her life.  During this period, she continued to inspire live audiences by performing for fundraisers and promotional events, including those for Opry Orillia, Opry North, Penetangueshene Centennial Museum, and other Midland events.  But, Nashville began to whisper in this “Redneck Diva’s” ear…


In the Summer of 2010, Amy began working with After Tuesday Productions, best known for their recent #1 iTunes album by Derek James Tilley.  Earning Amy comparisons to contemporaries like Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson, “I Just Want You To Know,” “(Redneck Reunion) Party Like A Redneck,” and “Sunshine” are just a preview of what lies ahead for this burgeoning vocal superstar.  Remember, this is only the beginning…


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