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Us Amongst The Rest

So, I was asked to do a review of a new album “Follow The Truth” by Us Amongst The Rest and from the intro and opening track of Fields Of Fray to the closing track of Falling Skies, I was in a state of Euphoria. In fact, I was experiencing what are known as eargasms, multiple ones at that. I reckon, if they could, my ears would have jumped off my head and hugged me.


Am I being too melodramatic? No, no i’m not. Honestly, this album stands shoulder to shoulder with many a great album in my collection. “Bring The Fuel” has been chosen as the first single release on June 2nd and quite frankly, I bet it was hard to choose which track to release first as just like a railway station sandwich, there is no filler. “Bring The Fuel” is a great choice though, it opens up with what becomes a very catchy hook “You bring the fuel and we’ll start the fire”. Then it grabs you by the short and curlys and treats you to superb guitar riffs and drum beats that will get you moshing with the best of them.


The album is probably a record companies wet dream as it is very commercial as the tracks scream for radio and music channel airplay. I put that down to the genius of UATR, who have put an album together of sheer quality. Karls vocals help to bring this album to the lofty heights of greatness as well, with a superb range and mix of emotion.


Whatever you’re doing on July 7th, make sure you include grabbing yourself a copy of UATRs’ debut album and get ready for an eargasm of epic proportions. These guys are gonna be BIG.
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