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The Bombshells Miss Myi & Elle Gie’s “No lames Allowed” 14:21 May 12, 2014

Miss Myi and Elle Gie have been building up a lot of buzz interest and support of late. Their new single “No Lames Allowed” is a high energy pack of fun, with the subtle glare of a mean girl. Reminiscent of Iggy Azalea the song has a “we’re too good for you” feel that paired with their incredibly hot image makes you think you’re that insecure overweight kid again. Its taunting, but in a good way. The song is turn by turn fun, and progressive, and shows sass and a clear imagination.

First impression, this one is catchy – Elle Gie’s vocals are deliberately smooth yet powerful, very much like a southern Azealia Banks – scarily so, And Miss Myi sounds like a modern version of Regina George. The chant “You can’t sit with us”, is clear and bold, you’ll will probably find yourself repeating it to yourself. I wouldn’t be surprised if it made my way into my daily catch phrases.

This was my first encounter with the Duo and I’m ready for more. These two have something hot on their hands. Great music, catchy lyrics, and eye candy. What more could you want from a couple of pop princesses?

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