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SUN GOD SEVEN Killer Rock from New Orleans

Sun God Seven was conceived in the summer of 2012 between Sun God and Glenn 7. These two artists go back 25 yrs having cut their teeth in the same music scene in New Orleans.Sun God moved away from New Orleans to pursue his career in an all original rock act in Houston, Tx.That band Downtown Bruno garnered a huge fan base in The Houston area and attracted the attention of Pace concerts which has gone on to become the epicenter of what is known today as Live Nation. Steve Lawler and Matt Schulte were able to garnish some great opening shows for Downtown Bruno.Sun God played guitar and sang backup vocals in this band. The band had opening slots for Kiss, Pantera, Black Crowes, Circus of Power, Rick Derringer, Cinderella and many more. Here we are 20 years later and Sun God Seven is following in the same format. Sun God Seven was fortunate enough to be the last act to work with famed producer Andy Johns who worked with Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, Free, Humble Pie, Van Halen, Godsmack and a host of other great talent. Andy sadly passed leaving Sun God Seven to be the last band he worked with.The future holds a great timeline for this New Orleans rock act.

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