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Our Team

  • Ana Santos

    Photo & Assignment Editor | Photographer, explorer, music lover, writer, coffee addict and slave to three cats.
  • Stephen Vicino

    Stephen Vicino is the founder of MusicExistence.com. He created this site to give talented musicians a voice and a way to be discovered.
  • Elisa Grace

    Writer, copyeditor, insatiable horror film addict. I\'ve got a BA in English and a BS in insomnia. I write novels about anarchists and photograph abandoned asylums while mainlining coffee and listening to Radiohead. There\'s a lot of black in my wardrobe. It\'s not without cat hair.
  • Nadia Pulgar

    Concert lover, music fanatic. If it sounds good to me, the rest doesn't matter.
  • Angelica Nicolle Abalos

    Angelica Nicolle Abalos is an Orange County, California based graphic designer, photographer, and artist of sorts.
  • Amanda Deets

    Passionate about my son, music, and photography. I fell in love with live music in 1988, at the age of 5, when I saw Michael Jackson. My very first (of many) concerts! Photography came a little later, but when I put the two together...it's a feeling I cannot put into words! I hope that people are able to feel the fun and energy from the artists on stage, through my work!
  • Ansley Cohen

    22. music photographer. all coffee and no sleep.
  • Alice Colson

    A music lover of many genres, I was raised on classic rock gods and goddesses. My main tastes tend to gravitate toward the heavy metal and punk genres and sub-genres as a result of my upbringing, with the occasional wandering into the EDM scene. I am also a lover of cats, monster flicks, anthropology, electronics, coffee, and adventure role-playing games.
  • Audra Hopkins

    Concert photographer and bagel enthusiast from Upstate New York.
  • Ashley Houston

    Ohio • 21 • Barista • avid day dreamer
  • Adam Hutchinson

    17 year old college student and aspiring music journalist from the North East of England
  • Ashley Whitmer

    Photographer | Editor | Writer | Social Media Manager | based out of FL
  • Blair Burnett

    I'm Blair, from Glasgow, Scotland. I like music and I like photography. Part of the Glasgow Music Existence team: Interviews, Show Reviews and Show Photography along with Sian Cowan.
  • Brendon Delahoussaye

    Grew up in the Crawfish Capitol of the World, a small town in Louisiana called Breaux Bridge. I attended Hallmark Institute of Photography in Massachusetts and graduated this past October of 2015.
  • Robert Forte

    Robert Forte attended Northeastern University in Boston, MA pursuing a degree in journalism with a concentration in public relations. After working in print journalism for United Press International in Beijing, China and returning to the U.S. to work in corporate public relations he moved into technology sales. Robert currently resides in Asheville, NC where he now co-owns a start-up technology sales company. Additionally Robert serves as the Music Editor for AskAsheville.com while also serving as the principle in-house concert photographer for the three main concert venues located in downtown Asheville. Robert has been writing and doing concert photography for various media outlets for the past twenty plus years in an effort to support all genres of music and his on-going passion to continue to bring great content to music fans across the United States.
  • Bill Twomey

    Resident Music and Photography addict from Northern, New Jersey.. USA. Got into both music and photography at a young age.. it's been history since!
  • Danielle Blaiq

    Danielle Blaiq is a Brooklyn born Indie Hip-Hop Soul Recording artist, and Co-Author/Blogger for MusicExistence Magazine. Danielle is the Co-Founder and Marketing Executive for the social conscious clothing line, Our RealiTeez. She is also a published Poet, and Screenplay Actress. She currently resides in New York, NY.
  • Brooke Nolan

  • Brittney Reyna

    Southern California based photographer and concert lover
  • Bradley Todd

    Bradley Todd is a Chicago based concert photographer who also shoots people (only w/ cameras), events, places and things
  • Bree Tracy

    Cincinnati based photographer. Lover of travel, food, fashion and photos!
  • Carlie Aubuchon

    Mother of two wild boys. Accountant by day, photographer by night, and music lover all the time.
  • Callie Craig

    Chicago based photographer focused on music. Passionate about art, design, and waffles.
  • Caitlin Dunn

    Caitlin Dunn is a Massachusetts based photographer who loves photographing concerts as well as events and lots of other things!
  • Cain Miller

    Cain Miller is an aspiring writer who hopes to work his way up and gain notoriety for his material. Having written about film, television, music, and sports, Cain is always looking to gain as much experience as he can and continue to improve his writing abilities.
  • Chandler Owen

    deep love for cabernet + peter steele
  • Channing Yazzie

    Capturing the emotions of live music is my passion.
  • Dana Jacobs

    I write about music and live shows and other fun things. Strong feelings about pugs, Halloween, and burritos. Currently zooming around northern California, with frequent stops in LA.
  • Dave Safley

    Photography is a passion of mine and I am blessed to be surrounded by Amazing Industry Photog Pro's
  • Erin Brown

    Photojournalism major at Columbia College Chicago. I love capturing the realm of humanity, and plan to do so the rest of my life through photography, writing, and travel.
  • Edwina Hay

    Edwina Hay is a New York City–based freelance photographer who has been documenting live music since 1999 and joined Music Existence in 2018.
  • Elisa Grace

    Writer, copyeditor, insatiable horror film addict. I\'ve got a BA in English and a BS in insomnia. I write novels about anarchists and photograph abandoned asylums while mainlining coffee and listening to Radiohead. There\'s a lot of black in my wardrobe. It\'s not without cat hair.
  • Gina Garcia

    photo based human in nyc and phoenix. sneaking in my camera everywhere I go.
  • Ivana Niwy Kovacova

    Dreamer. Wanderer. Photographer. Explorer. Music addict. Adventurer. Hopelessly in love with life.
  • Johnny Bell

    A professionally trained freelance photographer and a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh with a BA in Media and Professional Communications with a concentration in Digital Media and Corporate/Community Relations along with a Film Studies minor. He's married and a father of two. Loves concert photography, Formula 1, and the Montréal Canadiens.
  • Jen M. Silver

    Music lover, mama, silversmith, photographer, chinchilla wrangler, based in Music City, U.S.A.
  • Jake Kussmaul

    I come from a family who is passionate about all things music. I learned to sing at an early age, and by 13, had my very own Fender Strat guitar. I tried my hardest at learning all that I could. Because I was born with cerebral palsy, I had to teach myself an adaptive playing style. I learned to write and record my own music, despite these difficulties. In college, I started making great use of my writing abilities by reviewing music, as well as copy editing. I guess it's best to stick with what you know, while welcoming a fair challenge at the same time.
  • Jelena Jelisavcic

    Professional journalist | In love with bands, tattoos, and horror movies.
  • Jesse Lambert

    Being behind a camera has been a passion for myself since 2002 when I first started developing my own film as he honed my skills initially in a darkroom environment, and eventually transitioned into the digital world. I am photographer with a unique vision capturing life in its most priceless moments. The ability to captivate life behind the lens is truly exciting. My work ethic & unmatched drive for success makes me a true artist. I will stop at nothing to share my talent with the world and make sure everything I shoots becomes timeless.
  • Jon Langston

    Rider, writer, raconteur
  • Skullcheez

    a.k.a. Skullcheez, award-winning music photographer from Serbia.
  • Janine Van Oostrom

    Janine Van Oostrom is a photographer based in Niagara Falls, Canada. She is a broadcasting student by day and concert photographer by night.
  • Kate Drexel

    After she first fell in love with the concert scene in early 2013, Kate picked up a strong passion for concert photography, having taken classes in high school. She can be seen swiftly maneuvering in the photo pit, capturing those live shots that bring joy to all of us. When she's not in the photo pit, she's either sitting on her porch, watching the beautiful Virginia sunset or watching her puppies play in the grass. Or she can be found in her Bat Cave, editing and writing away, sipping on a large cup of coffee.
  • Kris Cortes

    Kris is a Chicago based photographer || Lover of traveling, coffee, and of course going to shows. You'll find her at a coffee shop if you don't see her at a show.
  • Kirstine Walton

    Kirstine moved from the UK to Chicago in 2011 and has fallen in love with the city and its music scene. She enjoys combining her two biggest passions – music and photography. If there is a band with a guitar playing, chances are she’ll be there…camera in hand. Kirstine went to her first live concert at 7 years old and hasn’t looked back since!
  • Lindsey Borgman

    I love light and music. My favorite is when I get to combine the two.
  • Lisa Czech

    Photographer + taco connoisseur
  • Laura

    Freelance arts, culture, and music journalist. Lots of words and some radio. Studying for an MA in Media and Journalism. Trying their best.
  • Luke Spencer

    I am an album reviewer, band interviewer, concert photographer. At least once a week I review a new album in the rock genre the week it comes out (anything from alternative to metal). Check out my site at www.rockedreviews.net and my twitter feed @rockedreviews"
  • Michael Bond

    Music photographer and all round music lover
  • Melaine Schweighardt

    Metal!!! I am never without a camera, I am never without music, I can not live without coffee... I cook, I manage a band (shameless plug Modern Day Outlaw), I shoot people with my camera, and I drink tequila and whiskey... That's me in a nutshell! Follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • Matthew Scott

    Norse god of metal.
  • Monty Jay

    Las Vegas based musician and photographer. I love to travel and explore new adventures!
  • Maria Mendes

    Music Lover | Life Wanderer
  • Madelynn Vickers

    Madelynn is a photographer and writer for Music Existence, an honors student at the University of Texas at Austin, and a video game addict. Aside from photography and school, Madelynn spends most of her time playing with friends online or finding new artists.
  • Natalie Montaner

    Natalie is a concert photographer, Halloween enthusiast and Instragram addict hailing from Miami, FL. Instagram: @natmountain
  • Natalie Cahill

    California-based music journalist.
  • Nadine Rodriguez

    Journalist | Photographer centered in South Florida. IG: nadinerodriguezphoto
  • Naomi Sanders

    Cardiff | 22 | Postgraduate Student | Music Lover
  • Peter Kirchhausen

    Peter is the host of Chilly Underground www.ChillyUnderground.com 1-2pm 620AM in NYC Contributor to Greenpointers.Com
  • Rebecah Jacobs

    From Los Angeles and living in New York. Always listening to music.
  • Rachel Freitas

    retro music enthusiast. Dreamer. Kind of odd. Writer
  • Rhi Ramsay

    20 year old internet person and attempted music journalist based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Contact: rhiannonramsay97@gmail.com
  • Saidy Lopez

    Love. Music. Travel. Photos. Tacos!
  • Sian Cowan

    19 Years old from Glasgow Scotland, currently studying Radio at City of Glasgow College in conjunction with my own Youtube Channel!
  • Suzanne Freeman

    Fun Loving Music Photographer and lover of live music in general. I am most likely to be spotted with a coffee in one hand and a camera in the other, somewhere in Philadelphia, New York City and everywhere in between. For more of my music photos: http://myphotos.bellemorephotography.com/
  • Shay Jenkins

    I'm Shay! I'm a University student in West Wales, UK. I'm all about music.
  • Mark Smitty Neal

    NewYork Based Photographer. Music Enthusiast with a background in Graphic Design. Whether I'm shooting a live event or just out wondering the streets its about capturing the moment.
  • Selby Rodriguez

    A Wisconsinite adjusting to life on the East Coast. Lover of music, mother of cats, and avid drinker of beer.
  • Steve Rose

    Photographer, Guitar Nerd, Pizza Enthusiast
  • Tash Peto

    23 year old photographer, film maker and occasional writer from Newcastle, UK. Often found at punk rock shows. See you in the pit!
  • Tyler Kapper

    Tyler Kapper is a young photographer born and raised in Seattle, WA. He moved to the great state of Texas before high school and soon became fascinated with music, photography and automotive sports.
  • Tracy Lian

    Just your average ME interviewer
  • Tara Shea

    Kitchen Designer by day, Concert Photographer/Writer by night. 24. Arkansas.
  • Colin Campbell

    Obsessive music collector, comic book reader, concert goer, artist, film fan, nintendo loyal, advertising major. Born and raised Marylander, High school in Bogota (Colombia), family in Colorado, college in Virginia. Desperately attempting to live in all four places at once. Still on the search for the meaning of life.