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Single Review: Cliff & Susan “A Natural State”

“A Natural State” by Cliff & Susan paints a vivid picture of life in Arkansas, celebrating its simple pleasures, natural beauty, and the sense of home it offers. The title cleverly alludes to Arkansas, known as “The Natural State,” highlighting its unspoiled, scenic landscapes and a lifestyle that’s closely connected to nature.

This song is a heartfelt tribute to the lifestyle, culture, and natural beauty of Arkansas. It describes various scenes that encapsulate life in the state, from fishing in its rivers to enjoying the outdoors with family. The lyrics invoke a sense of nostalgia and pride, emphasizing the importance of nature, family, and tradition in shaping one’s identity and sense of belonging.

The song evokes a nostalgic view of growing up in Arkansas, cherishing its traditions and natural beauty. It celebrates the simple joys of life, like fishing, family gatherings, and enjoying nature, suggesting a deep sense of contentment with these pleasures. The lyrics highlight the intimate relationship between the people and the natural environment of Arkansas, from the Ozark hills to the riverbanks. The mood is warm, inviting, and reflective, instilling a sense of pride and belonging, and an appreciation for the slower, simpler aspects of life

The song is rich in vivid imagery, with references to honeysuckle, fireflies, and Ozark hills, painting a detailed picture of Arkansas’s natural landscape. Descriptions of sounds (e.g., a fiddle playing, a mockingbird singing) and tastes (e.g., honeysuckle) appeal to the senses, making the listener feel immersed in the Arkansas experience.

“A Natural State” by Cliff & Susan is a vibrant showcase of their unique musical style, which blends elements of country, folk, and Americana. This duo is known for their heartfelt storytelling, harmonious vocals, and the ability to capture the essence of life’s simple pleasures and profound moments. Their performance style is intimate and engaging, often making listeners feel as though they’re part of a personal narrative or a shared experience.

The genre they embody brings out a rich tapestry of sounds that are deeply rooted in traditional American music, yet they manage to infuse it with a contemporary edge. This makes their music both timeless and modern, appealing to a wide range of audiences.

In “A Natural State” by Cliff & Susan, the vocal performances are a standout feature, highlighting the duo’s ability to convey emotion and storytelling through their harmonies and individual timbres. Their voices complement each other beautifully, with Cliff’s deeper, resonant tones blending seamlessly with Susan’s clear, melodic voice. This synergy creates a rich, emotional depth that elevates the lyrical content, inviting listeners into the narrative they’re weaving.

Musically, the performance is characterized by its authenticity and warmth. The arrangement incorporates acoustic elements that are staples in their genre—such as guitar, piano, and fiddle, creating a sound that’s both full and organic. This acoustic foundation supports the vocals perfectly, ensuring that the storytelling remains at the forefront of the performance. The instrumentation, while sophisticated in its simplicity, showcases their skill in creating a sound that’s both engaging and comforting.

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-Suzie Whitmore

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