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Exclusive Interview with Scott Argiro of the Scotty Hollywood Band

Scott Argiro has had quite a busy few months, enjoying international success on both radio and in stores, for his album, “Wondervu.” The album has had two iTunes Charts hits in the UK, including “Human to Human” and “The Ricochet.” So, what’s next for the Colorado-based musician? Scott took time to answer some questions for us.

Can you tell us about your journey in the music industry and how you formed the Scotty Hollywood Band?

I’m originally a drummer, but picked up bass, singing and piano in my younger years. Songwriting was a natural progression and something I fell in love with. I’m originally from Pittsburgh but have lived in Denver for 8 years now. After working with multiple musicians on the scene here in Denver, I decided to put together The Scotty Hollywood Band as a solo project which utilizes some of the pro-musicians I’ve been recording out here.

Your music has been described as a mix of various genres. Can you tell us about your musical influences and how they shape your sound?

I love melody and have been influenced heavily by some of the classics: The Beach Boys, Lindsey Buckingham, Elvis, The Beatles etc. I generally have a pop-rock sound but always like to throw some stylistic curveballs into the mix.

Your latest album, “Wondervu,” was released in September. Can you tell us what fans can expect from this new record?

Wondervu is essentially a pop album which has some pretty melodic hooks. The album mixes things up from a stylistic perspective, so I believe Wondervu has something for everyone!

You are not only a talented musician, but also an actor. How do you balance both passions and incorporate them into your career?

Music is my primary passion, but acting is a close second. I film a lot of music videos here in Denver, so it doesn’t hurt to be comfortable in front of a camera to pull that off. I love the creative process, so acting was a natural progression after years of fronting rock bands. I would say acting is an even tougher industry than the music business, but still very creatively satisfying.

Your previous albums have received international recognition and airplay. How do you handle the success and pressure that comes with being a chart-topping and award-winning act?

I try to keep my focus on the next project and song. My goal is to continue developing as a writer and push myself beyond my comfort zone. Hopefully my focus, passion and dedication will translate into success.

Your single “The Ricochet” has been receiving positive feedback from fans and critics. Can you tell us the story behind this song and what inspired its creation?

I composed The Ricochet at a time when I was traveling extensively on business throughout the US, sometimes visiting five different states in a five day period. The Ricochet was written about that experience of bouncing and ricocheting back-and-forth on airplanes across the country.

Your live performances are known for being energetic and entertaining. How do you prepare for a show, and what can fans expect when they attend one of your concerts?

My soul focus is for my band to deliver an engaging experience to my audience. I attempt to recreate the studio versions of my tunes live, but always add some new flavor to keep things fresh. I want people to leave my shows with a smile on their face and a melody in their head.

Your music has been featured in a few films. Can you tell us about that experience and how it feels to see your music being used in different forms of media?

I’ve been lucky to have had some A-list directors utilize some of my compositions. I would love to do more projects. Hearing your music linked to something visual is always fulfilling.

As a multi-instrumentalist, which instrument do you enjoy playing the most and why?

I’m a drummer at heart, so percussion would be my primary passion. Drums are the foundation of my songs, so it feels good to lay down a stellar drum part at the beginning of the recording process.

What’s next for the Scotty Hollywood Band? Any upcoming projects or collaborations in the works?

My band and I just began tracking our new record which should be released in the fall of 2024. I’m very excited about the new material and can’t wait to share them.


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