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Live Review: Enter Shikari at Dom Omladine in Belgrade, Serbia (11.13.23)

British rockers Enter Shikari truly blew the stage off at Dom Omladine, and honestly, it was the musical journey you didn’t know you needed. The band is currently on their A Kiss For The Whole World Tour in Europe, and one of their stops was Belgrade, Serbia.

Supporting act Lake Malice cheered up the crowd right from the beginning, presenting a unique set of alt-metal tracks. From the moment they stepped onto the stage, they radiated a magnetic charisma that quickly drew the audience into their sonic orbit. Crowd surfing and mosh pits were an unavoidable part of the show. The band’s metal roots were shown through a fusion of thunderous guitar riffs, precision drumming, and the arresting vocals of Alice Guala. Each note resonated with a visceral energy, setting the tone for an evening of musical exploration. The intermission that followed allowed the audience to reflect on the dynamic contrast between Lake Malice’s alt-metal intensity and the imminent explosion of genre-defying brilliance promised by Enter Shikari.

As soon as Rou Reynolds, the charismatic lead singer, entered the stage, he exuded a powerful energy that instantly grabbed everyone’s attention. His unique vocal range, which seamlessly blended raw intensity with melodic finesse, set the tone for the show, which alternated between moments of sonic chaos and introspection. The infusion of electronic elements, masterfully executed by Chris Batten on bass and Rory Clewlow on guitar added a layer of complexity to the sonic landscape. Synth-driven intros and experimental interludes seamlessly interwoven with traditional instrumentation, creating a rich and textured auditory experience. The electronic nuances weren’t mere embellishments; they were integral components, contributing to the band’s genre-defying sound.

Enter Shikari’s performance was remarkable because of its seamless navigation between high-energy anthems and introspective interludes. The transitions were smooth, creating a dynamic ebb and flow that kept the audience engaged. It was not just about the adrenaline-pumping moments; the delicate balance allowed for moments of reflection, enhancing the overall narrative of the performance. The performance was a perfect blend of energy and introspection, which made it stand out.

This wasn’t just a concert; it was a wild ride of sound, emotion, and visual artistry. The band’s ability to seamlessly weave through genres, coupled with their innovative use of electronic elements and a mesmerizing light show, elevated the experience to unparalleled heights. The concert wasn’t just about witnessing a setlist; it was about immersing oneself in an ever-evolving narrative crafted by the artists who redefine the boundaries of live music.


  1. (pls) set me on fire
  2. Sssnakepit
  3. Juggernauts
  4. Anything Can Happen in the Next Half Hour…
  5. Interlude 1
  6. Labyrinth
  7. A Kiss for the Whole World x
  8. The Void Stares Back
  9. Anaesthetist
  10. Bloodshot
  11. Arguing With Thermometers
  12. Gandhi Mate, Gandhi
  13. Mothership
  14. satellites
  15. It Hurts
  16. Havoc B
  17. Bull
  18. The Last Garrison
  19. Sorry, You’re Not a Winner
  20. Live Outside
  21. { The Dreamer’s Hotel }

This concert was organized by Connected Agency (Instagram | Facebook) and Honeycomb Live (Website | Instagram | Facebook).

For more tour dates, check out Enter Shikari’s official website.

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