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Single Review: Sonarpilot – “Quantum Factory”

The biggest complaint that I hear from casual alternative EDM fans is that the genre has lost its authenticity in recent times, partly due to the streamlining of its best acts, but mostly because of its constant misapplication. One of the only artists that I’ve heard lately to sound like an “alternative” to anything is the one and only Sonarpilot, an underground sensation that seems to stop time whenever he weaponizes complicated arrangements in songs like his new single “Quantum Factory.” With a funky bassline behind him and a ripping groove attack situated between the mini-climaxes in the track, the synth-heavy “Quantum Factory” is a far cry from mainstream EDM if I’ve ever heard one.

This rhythm is riddled with a very cosmopolitan swing, and I think that it’s seductive enough to win the favor of clubgoers as well as casual electronica connoisseurs. The underground has never been one to let us down when it comes to shelling out original talent, but it’s been experiencing somewhat of a modern renaissance lately. Sonarpilot is one of his specific scene’s more intellectually stimulating songwriters right now, and he’s representing his scene well in this most recent installment in The Mirage Project.

I would have given the main synth track a little more of a boost in the buildup to the hook, but I suppose that Sonarpilot using this formula makes some sense from a structural point of view. If his melodic punch were any more colorized here, it could have easily been a little overwhelming to occasional EDM listeners who seldom dig into the more eclectic sounds that the indie faction has to offer all who come looking for them. Sonarpilot doesn’t want to go into extremes with “Quantum Factory;” it’s far more prudent to do what he’s doing in simply trying to give us an idea about his artistry and the identity that he’s fashioning for himself as a promising and consistently inventive songwriter.

It would be really interesting to hear a remixed version of “Quantum Factory.” Stripping away all of the bells and whistles that were added into the mix post-recording, the actual edifice of this composition could be adapted for practically any purpose – be it synthwave, heavy EDM, or even something more dance-oriented. I’ve got to give Sonarpilot a ten out of ten on the versatility scale after listening to this song on repeat these last few days, and I’ll say that if he gets any better at jumping from one aesthetical platform to the next he should seriously look into making a full-blown avant-garde film in addition to this present project.

Of all the artists that I’m listening to right now, this is who I think hardcore groove buffs need to be following this August. Sonarpilot doesn’t just sound the part in “Quantum Factory,” he is the part; sophisticated, dapper, and resolute in getting everything that he wants when the board is at his hands. It’s these exact qualities that launched some of the most influential artists of all time into stardom so many years ago, and even though we’re living in a very unique era in pop music, there’s no arguing whether or not Sonarpilot has what it takes to crater alternative culture with this sound.

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