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Album Review: Dominic Fike “Sunburn”

In his most recent project since starring in the second season of hit HBO show Euphoria, actor and musical artist Dominic Fike has delivered his sophomore album Sunburn. Made up of fifteen catchy songs, Fike blends uptempo rap-style verses with slower ballads to keep listeners on the edge of their seats. Following the release of his 2020 project titled What Could Possibly Go Wrong, Fike has since expanded his voice.

The alt-pop act first gained attention through a collection of Soundcloud demos that he recorded at home while on house arrest. He subsequently released those songs while serving time in County Jail for breaking his house arrest, and the six-track EP sparked a bidding war between labels, where he eventually found home at Columbia Records. Known for his R&B vocals, dance arrangements, and quick rap delivery, his talent has since found him collaborating on projects with Halsey, Omar Apollo, and even Sir Paul McCartney.

Sunburn comes three years after Dominic Fike’s debut album, which charted in the top fifty of multiple countries, including the United States. Although the albums share a similar acoustic sound, Sunburn delivers a more upbeat feeling, perfect for the dog days of summer. At times, many songs seem like an homage to California artists such as Red Hot Chili Peppers, who served as one of Fike’s earliest inspirations. Fike mixes his beachy sound with crisp alternative rock guitar riffs.

In songs such as “4×4” and “What Kinda Woman” Fike takes the time to showcase his vocal abilities. However, even as a gifted singer, Fike still lays down several fast tempo rap verses. This versatility is only a fraction of Dominic Fike’s overall artistry- he also doubles as an actor and model. Recently, Fike also has had his songs featured in the new Spiderman and Barbie movies.

In total, the album’s fifteen songs only include one feature, from rock band Weezer. What’s interesting about this feature is how Fike borrows the melody from Weezer’s song “Undone – The Sweater Song.” The melody is coupled with some background vocals and instrumental help from Weezer’s lead singer Rivers Cuomo. Without much help, Fike still finds a way to create the feel of a one-man band. Despite a somewhat troubled past, it is certain to say that Dominic Fike has a bright future ahead. And, although he can be as unpredictable as an artist can be, he continues to show his pure talent and creativity with his music.

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