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Interview: Andrew Hagar discusses Family Legacy, Significance of “Red Light Appetite”

Since 2015, Andrew Hagar has crafted a musical identity all his own. As the son of legendary vocalist Sammy Hagar, his straight-ahead hard rock and metal influences are a given, while more subtle traces of indie rock and electronic-influenced pop also find a welcome fit in his approach. The diversity in Hagar’s sound has been especially emphasized by way of collaboration with Trevor Lukather (son of Toto guitarist Steve Lukather), who co-wrote and produced his most recent batch of material, including an upcoming EP titled Limited Edition Psycho.

On Wednesday, one of Hagar’s singles from the EP, “Red Light Appetite,” saw promotion through episode one of MTV’s Family Legacy. The show, which premiered on Paramount+, is a docuseries centering around the lives of children to several famous musicians, and includes archived footage, retrospective interviews, as well as background about each child’s current projects. Hagar’s follow-up single, “Systematic Minds,” will be released on May 5th.

I caught up with Hagar, who was available to discuss his involvement on the show. Alongside touching upon his uniquely eventful formative circumstances and his foray into music, we also talked about the state of rock music amidst the streaming music generation, Hagar’s growth in taking accountability for his mental health, as well as what he has gleaned personally on his journey thus far.

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