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Russian Post Hardcore Outfit “Forget My Silence” Release Single and Video for “Fake Fate”

                                                                                          Photo credit: Shareef Zayed Dana

FFO: Asking Alexandria, Bring Me The Horizon, Attack! Attack!

Post Hardcore from Russia? Absolutely! Today “Forget My Silence” dropped their latest single “Fake Fate” with a captivatingnew music video – integrating sonic landscapes similar to Linkin Park, Korn and Bring Me The Horizon.

“The song “Fake Fate” speaks on the subject of everything being the same without a touch of authenticity. To find success today in any area, people should appear, behave even think within particular standards held and controlled by elite companies approving or disapproving, thus subjectively shaping the world. People today are willing to give a lot to be involved in whatever works regardless liking it or not, making the world of today more fake than ever. In the video everything is represented symbolically until a climax happens leaving the characters overwhelmed. They make a decision to not be involved in this anymore and proceed on their own in their own way. We consider this ideology to be another way to control preferences, personalities, even minds and it might be just another step in the Division Agenda.”

It was 2011 when Ziad Baydoun (Guitarist/founder from Lebanon) and Roma Sadygov (Vocalist/Founder from Russia) met in Saint Petersburg while studying at university. Music brought them together and they decided to start this band. In the past 12 years several musicians joined and left the project for various reasons. Current lineup (2023) consists of Roma Sadygov, Ziad Baydoun, bassist Petr Starkov and guitarist Ilya Solonnikov. So far, the band has released an EP “Lifeline” and a long play called “Fall To Rise”. Right now FMS are working on their highly anticipated second LP “The Division Agenda” which includes singles like “Freedom Of Speech” and “Fake Fate”. More exciting tracks are coming your way. 


Watch the “Fake Fate” music video HERE.


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