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A Taste of Musical Medley in Drew Ryder Smith’s Trilogy Release

Country artist and award-winning songwriter Drew Ryder Smith gave fans a taste of his upcoming debut EP with a trilogy of singles. The Tennessee native unveiled three tracks each with their own personality, blend of genres, and strong message. Differing themes and stories are found in the lyrics and melodies of the songs for listeners to explore. The Trilogy is available on all streaming platforms for the listening pleasure of those who seek classic heartfelt country with a hint of spice.

“Don’t Wake Me Up” falls back into Smith’s vulnerable and emotional tradition. Smith once again illustrates the difficulties of a relationship through a somber tune. The aching pain of a relationship not working out and losing the one you loved is translated into the melancholy notes found in the song. As he begs to be left alone in the dark Smith understands he cannot live without the sun. Co-written by Rick Huckabee and Jared Wade, Smith has mastered writing about complicated relationships. “Don’t Wake Me Up” uses thoughtful lyrics and a compelling tune to bring listeners into a ballroom where they are left to dance by themselves.

Listen to “Don’t Wake Me Up” now on YouTube: https://youtu.be/dEatt27K0nE

In sync with his somber theme, Smith’s “Calling Me Back” beautifully depicts the pain and regret that follows breaking up with a partner. The emotional track transports listeners into the memories of what once was. Through descriptive lyrics and a captivating melody Smith passes the feeling of loss onto his audience. Co-written by Logan Wall and Jason Sever the song captures the aching grief and remorse that one experiences after a breakup. No mercy is provided for listeners as the relatable tune practically tugs the feelings from your heart.

Listen to “Calling Me Back” by Drew Ryder Smith on YouTube: https://youtu.be/0z-KTdm-iyo


As opposed to his other two tracks, “The Bottom Of It” takes on a new affair in the playful track. The groovy country pop fusion uses a raunchy chorus and catchy beat to help Smith make his move. “The Bottom Of It” will remind listeners to have fun every now and then and take chances when opportunities arise. Award winning songwriter, Smith continues to sing about southern nights, but this track has a twist. No heartbreaks or underlying sorrowful tones will inhabit the melody of this song, rather excitement and suspense. Co-written by Logan Wall and Jason Sever, “The Bottom Of It” will surely leave listeners smiling and singing along.

Listen to “The Bottom Of It” on your favorite streaming platform! Click here and add it to your playlist: https://ffm.to/x5boolw.OEM

To explore Drew Ryder Smith’s Trilogy you can find it available on all streaming platforms, https://lnk.bio/drewrydersmith. To learn more about Smith and receive updates on his upcoming EP you can visit his website at https://drewrydersmith.com/.

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