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Single Review: Jimmy D. Scott “Enough is Enough”

When it comes to ensuring funk’s relevance for a new generation of fans, few are displaying the pure passion that Jimmy D. Scott does in his new single “Enough is Enough.” Utilizing an old-school approach to songwriting, Scott weaves together a sonic patchwork of new-school musicality and funk-influenced technique to execute a full-throttle jam that brings awareness to gun violence and is more than worthy of a spin on your stereo. This singer’s love affair with the backbone of funk is intact in this latest release, but it shares the spotlight with an enduring, emotionally-charged collection of lyrics from Scott that aren’t cut from a collective cloth; they’re as personal as they come. Simply put, fans who prefer urbane, honest commentary to the plasticity of the corporate establishment should consider “Enough is Enough” a must-listen this February.

Jimmy D. Scott adopts homespun storytelling in this song, and though it differs slightly from the straightforward lyricism that dominates the output a lot of his contemporaries have to offer, it doesn’t feel out of place in the current scene at all. To a certain extent, the mean pace of this single allows us to appreciate all of the intricate details that go into its musical thunder, starting with its acrylic bass play. No matter what’s going on in this track, the groove is always vying for the lion’s share of our affections, and more often than not, winning them with little to no resistance from the other elements in the song. This isn’t to say that the rest of the players aren’t pulling their weight here; “Enough is Enough” is cohesively structured and recorded, and never feels instrumentally lopsided.



The video for the single debuts this February as well, and even though it’s leaner and meaner than what I would have anticipated out of Jimmy D. Scott relative to the grandeur of his overall sound, it features the same striking EQ that we find in the single version of the song. This man didn’t fill up this mix with a lot of extra fluff and frills that wouldn’t have done anything to facilitate the actual meaning of the track; instead, we’ve got surreal pictures and video that eloquently surmise the premise of the lyrical narrative without ever devolving into avant-garde dribble. It’s a refreshing sight to be seen, and probably suits the ambitious stylization of the music better than a conventional video ever could have.

Longtime fans of true funk are going to love “Enough is Enough,” and I have a feeling that newcomers are likely to be just as impressed. Scott isn’t a regular on the charts, nor is he on the cover of this month’s Rolling Stone, but make no mistake about it – his brand of soulful songcraft can take the underground by storm and send a ripple effect that is becoming impossible for even the harshest of critics to ignore. The last five years have kept his scene in the news, and if this is a statement, it’s also a proclamation. Jimmy D. Scott hit it out of the park here, but his odyssey is nowhere near completion.


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