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Eric Selby Releases His 3rd New Album ‘Dang Fool’

Eric Selby has revealed his third studio album called ‘Dang Fool,’ out now!

A single dad to four beautiful daughters, a cat and a dog, Selby showcases his talent in a well rounded and produced album of 10 tracks. The album explores themes of relationships, love, self growth and finding your own unique path in life.

From the opening folk-rock song “Horseshoes and Hand Grenades,” with its catchy chorus and edgy guitar riffs, this song explores the idea that life will happen to you regardless of any plan. Americana ballad “Tomorrow Never Knows” has an almost medieval, spacey aesthetic, together with floating vocals, acoustic guitar and harmonica, this is a very memorable track.

“I Carry You” continues the theme of relationships, this time carrying them with you into the future as memories. A more indie sounding, acoustic folk song is “A Knew Year,” which has a more positive, upbeat vibe and catchy electric guitar harmonies.

“I see this album, Dang Fool, as the final chapter of a three-chapter journey. The first chapter being my first record, Do, Baby., and the second being my next release, Where You Born At? It really wasn’t planned or intended to be that way but it has evolved to be the coda on this part of my creative and emotional journey that, for some reason, I needed to communicate.”

With his eclectic style of alternative, contemporary Americana folk, Selby draws his influences from as wide a range as The Beatles, XTC, and Phoebe Bridgers. Likewise, he has been compared with The Beatles, as well as other rock giants like Pink Floyd for his psychedelic sound.

Selby is from the Washington D.C. area, and is a single father. After many years being the drummer of local bands, Selby has finally stepped out to release his first solo music in 2020 which included the EP ‘Do, Baby’ and singles “Anxious Zen” and “Another Page.”

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