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Clint Maedgen is pushing his own artistic boundaries to praiseworthy levels

With more than 25 years of hands-on experience in music and creative art, Clint Maedgen exemplifies hard work and careful persistence. This multi-talented artist is a genuinely gifted singer/songwriter, fine art photographer, and multi-instrumentalist who easily plays the sax, guitars, harmonica, bottle, toys, Casio MT-40, and just about anything that can be played. He is a lof-fi sound enthusiast and revels in educational films from back in the day. He started as a multi-instrumentalist frontman for the rock band Liquidrone where he served for more than 2 decades before another great opportunity presented itself, which saw him headline a theatrical and music band, The New Orleans Bingo! Show going further ahead to perform with Preservation Hall Jazz Band in 2007 and 2008!

His customized photo series of French Quarter Doorbell Pillows brought a breakthrough that allowed him to upgrade from just making bedroom beats to making recording studio-inspired professional music with the deservedly acclaimed single, “Sandra Already Knows” to show for it. Not one to self-limit his capabilities, he pounces on any inspiration to make music and can produce any sound from whichever instrument. Did you know that there’s a song in every bottle (including and not limited to your coke bottle)? If you didn’t already know, check out his bottle version of the track “Singing in the rains”- sensational!


Clint Maedgen undeniably has a sound and strength of his own. This only makes sense since Maedgen prides himself on coming from the side of pop rock, where the quality of lyrics and music authenticity all stand for something, and this was indisputably displayed in the anthem, “Sandra Already Knows.”

Bordering between substance and music appeal, “Sandra Already Knows” is many a fine and ear worming pop-rock flavored anthem that blends infectious guitar riffs with a domineering vocal presentation for a very memorable listening experience.

Clint Maedgen’s fine art photography has earned him a reputation, with his fine work being displayed in museums all around the country. His French Quarter Doorbell Throw Pillows is currently ongoing, where you get the chance to buy a customized pillow and send in a 10-word message that will be used to create a song that will be specifically yours.

Clint Maedgen is also setting his focus towards the release of a new single, “ELI and the Sugar Static,” that is scheduled for October. You can follow him on the attached socials so as to be part of his whole creative art and music – any kind of support is very much welcome!

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