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Interview: Juliet Hawkins

Can you explain the process of creating the concept behind “Hot Damn”? When did the idea strike and how did the song come to fruition?
I’d had the melody in my mind for a while and began writing it a couple months ago. I wanted something fun and flirty for a summer release. I took an extended road trip to Mexico and California a couple months ago really needing a break from the grind of the industry in Nashville and reached out to an engineer friend in California who agreed to record it. I played guitar on it myself and had my bass player, Patrick McIsaac send me his bass line from Nashville. 
When did you begin your musical journey? When did you know that your talent in music was what you dreamed to do as a career?
I grew up loving music and the freedom it gave me to be me. I wasn’t a great student and didn’t like being told what to learn, and music was a way for me to escape, to color out of the lines, to radically embrace all the weirdness inside me. It was something that nobody could take from me, so I kept doing it. I don’t think I ever said “I’m going to be a musician when I grow up” or “I’m going to do music as a career”, it’s just what I love to do and where an overactive imagination and emotions are required and encouraged. I sang in a Clapton/Cream tribute for almost 3 years in San Diego before I got tired of singing other people’s music and decided it was time to take the next step and really dig into my original music.
What is your favorite type of music to create? What has influenced your sound?
I like for my style to expand beyond the confines of a genre. I like texture and space, and the notes that are played. In this day and age there is so much over production with music, but I like to keep it simple, raw, real. I don’t care if my voice isn’t perfect or if you can hear the breath or the cracks in my voice, I keep that stuff there intentionally so you can hear the human in the music. Authenticity is really important to me, if I’m singing about something painful, I want the listener to be able to hear it. Life, death, depression, love, loss, the sound a birds wings make, the laugh of a child, all of it influences and contributes to my art. 
What do you hope fans feel and take away from “Hot Damn” after  listening?
I want people to hear it and feel sexy, to let go, to get turned on, to move their bodies. We’re animals, and sometimes we need a good jam to remind us to embrace those feelings inside us. 
Tell us all the places to follow along and listen to your music! 
You can find Hot Damn, and all my other original music if you search Juliet Hawkins on any platform. Follow me on instagram at JulietHawkinsOfficial for show updates and upcoming releases 

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