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Single Review: “Closer Than Close” Nya

Less of a sway and more of a funky, post-jazz jam session that was meant to get us moving with its rhythm out of the box, “Closer Than Close” is boasting a beat that can’t decide where it sits on the pop spectrum, but this isn’t preventing Nya from offering up what could be her best single and music video thus far in this latest release. Punctuated with a moderate bass that feeds into fleeting guitar parts, “Closer Than Close” wants for us to get lost in its lo-fi-inspired groove, but don’t let its casual nature fool you – this is definitely the work of a very serious performer.

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With her lyrics, Nya is establishing an emotional bond with the protagonist of this song (who isn’t necessarily her) and making it clear that this piece is much more about reflection than it is anything else. There’s searching in her voice, but it isn’t steeped in the sort of angst that often accompanies a release of this style. Her yearning is not without reason, and when she’s at her most vulnerable with the audience in “Closer Than Close,” we get a good feel for just how intimate a look she can give up from within four studio walls.


Nya has finally turned in the transcendent R&B single a lot of critics figured she would eventually with the release of this latest track, and whether you’ve heard her music before now or not, it’s melodic ribbonry alone makes her one of the more notable artists coming out of her scene this year. I’ve been following her story for a while now, and this is on the same level as everything she’s released thus far; from “The Real You” to “Reconciliation,” this is an artist who is on her way out of the underground and into the spotlight of a mainstream pop beat desperate for her contributions.


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