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Gabe Furtado – Flowers

Gabe Furtado is an artist that’s quite unlike most of his contemporaries. His latest single, “Flowers,” is a catchy and vibrant little tune that’s all about self positivity when faced with troubles and doubts. Gabe has been making the rounds as of late as a performer of outstanding merit and an impressive artist, so we’re eager to see just what’s in store for us in our review of his new single.

From its very first note, “Flowers” displays its positive energy and tone, reflecting well on the song’s message. The tune is intended as Gabe’s love letter to himself, and this comes through perfectly in the musicality of the song. Light synths keep the atmosphere brisk and pleasant, while an accompanying drum beat keeps things going at a steady and upbeat pace. 

When it comes to the arrangement of the song, things are kept quite simple and brisk. Musical depth comes in the form of some deeper atmospheric synth hits, and it gives the song a nice, roomy sound stage to work with. All of this results in a track that’s easy to listen to but still solid and fun. The intended message also lands well, which is important for a song like this.

Gabe’s delivery is unique, with him having a raspy quality that sets the song apart from most others in its genre. It allows the song to have a bit of heterogeneity in its sound, contrasting with the pleasant and soft synths but also adding to them in a meaningful way. He also hits all the notes perfectly, sounding like he’s having the time of his life all throughout.

Lyrically, Gabe really gets to show off some of his excellent songwriting prowess on this single. After all, “Flowers” symbolizes Gabe’s struggles in life and his music career, so it makes sense there’s a lot to unpack here. A lot of darker lyrics are littered throughout the song, but it’s balanced out with a healthy dose of hope and optimism that lifts the mood of the song before it sours.

If you’re a fan of pop, “Flowers” is a single you definitely don’t want to miss out on. It’s brisk, fun and poppy in all the best ways, and Gabe Furtado really shows his performing chops on the tune. Strong songwriting and solid musical performances always make for good pop music, and Gabe has the personality to back all of it up perfectly.



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