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Norman Alexander – The Reason

Norman Alexander delivers a heartfelt ode in his latest offering, “The Reason.” A number of styles get blended into the rich, dense sound. From R&B to soul to pop to classical with a hint of electronic flourishes for good measure, making the song radiate compassion to it. Everything about the song absolutely sparkles, from the rich, colorful hues to the deep, resonant power of the voice itself. Done with a great degree of loveliness, the whole of the song comes together in a majestic way. The mixture of the old and new into the mix helps to give it a well-rounded quality. On the older side, the roots of Marvin Gaye’s classic, rich sound appear prominently. Flipping that on its head, elements of John Legend and James Blake also make their presence felt. However, even with these touchstones, the sound is distinctly his own. 



Piano chords introduce the piece. The phone call ring gives the song a sense of distance trying to be overcome. From that point on, the rest of the sound comes into view. He takes his time too, helping punctuate each phrase of the sound with his intrepid care. Rhythms here feature a pastoral, reflective bliss to them. By far, the highlight comes from his vocals, with lyrics chosen with care and full of pure fire. 

“The Reason” features the uncanny ability of Norman Alexander to create a world that has a vividness to it, portraying unvarnished emotion with ease. 



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