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Single Review: SevvTheArtist “Sunshine”

Against the strumming of clean electric guitar strings that emit as much warmth and comfort as his vocal will, singer SevvTheArtist lives up to his moniker quite profoundly in the new single and music video “Sunshine,” currently out wherever sophisticated indie R&B is sold and streamed. His attitude is one of patience, and his delivery is one that requires a lot of emotional tact that can’t be taught in any school, no matter how masterful the teachers – or pupils – so happen to be. “Sunshine” isn’t the lone quality R&B jam out right now, but as an alternative to a bloated mainstream, it’s hard to beat.

The music video for this song sees SevvTheArtist taking us into the glow of the sun quite literally for what will become a romantic day spent enjoying the best parts of summer. There aren’t a lot of props, but instead an organic visual componentry that asks for us to take this trip with our leading man onto the boardwalk and away from whatever burdens exist under fluorescent office lights. It’s cathartic; so much so that it manages to make some of the more sexualized slow songs in R&B debuting this September sound a little pressurized and overly urgent by comparison.

One thing I couldn’t help but notice in my first casual sit-down with this player’s music was how much swagger SevvTheArtist has when he’s got the mic in his hand, versus how arrogant a lot of his rivals would be if they were rocking the same caliber of talent when they got into the recording studio. The tempo here says it all – he’s taking the cool route to the summit on this adventure, and whether others are tripping on complex percussive notions, he’s making it more than a little clear that his beats are a reflection of his energy (which is anything but anxious in this single).

A new generation of R&B powerhouses are starting to make their presence known to the world through tracks like “Sunshine,” and I think that with just a little more time and space to experiment with the limits of his sonic depth, SevvTheArtist is going to be one of the heavyweights in his scene – if not the genre he’s contributing so much to just in a song as sweet as his latest is. He’s got a sleek profile, but this is taking his cosmopolitan appeal to an entirely new level, as I see it.

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