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Single Review: Barista “Dreams Remix B”

Barista brings dance rock back on the force of nature that is “Dreams Remix B”. A perfect track to get the party started the communal quality of the work stuns. References abound from the dance rock of Franz Ferdinand at the height of their powers to the rock-infused electro jams of Daft Punk. Truly separating her from the pack is her tremendous voice. She recalls a bit of the 90s trance pop phenomena, for there is that same level of airiness to her delivery, almost a bit mystical at times. Volume is a must for hers is a sound that needs to be felt completely.

Guitar introduces the track, with a raw vigor. The beat drops with the song gradually getting closer to the listener. Her voice has a great range to it. A synthesizer beneath the rest of the mix helps to truly get the groove started. So many different styles are brought into the fray, as they have a hyperactivity to them. Quite beguiling, it becomes ever more expansive. Virtually like an entire arena the way it draws the listener in feels wonderful. It is easy to get lost in the sound itself, for she lets it expand out into the infinite. With the driving rhythm taking shape as the percussion further shows off its tactile capabilities, it is full of surprises.

“Dreams Remix B” revels in the intricate detail of Barista in creating a driving, propulsive rhythm one that never gives up.


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