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Single Review: Kitty Donohoe “There Are No Words”

Michigan Emmy Winner, and superb songwriter/singer Kitty Donohoe has re-released her single, – “There Are No Words”. A song written years ago and inspired by the tragedies of September 11, 2001, “There Are No Words” continues to hold its grip even 20 years later. Donohoe, who has commemorated this song in previous live performances and albums, has a pristine voice and magnetism. Her caring voice, like a confidante, champions the listener from out behind the shadows. Her voice is the light.

What I enjoyed most about “There Are No Words” is the emotional pull. It’s a song that immediately calls to mind the grieving process and losing a loved one. But it does it in only the way a folk song or traditional folklore-like song can. It tells a story. I think this song tells our story as Americans and though it has the Irish traditional folk vibe going for it, it’s a song of resilience. The way it ribbons around your mind, snuggling up to your soul. It’s more than comforting…it’s practically soothing.

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In between the measures is the sound of something you might recognize from the Titanic score or hear just about every St. Patrick’s Day. The Irish pipes, also called uilleann pipes, have a distinct whisper, echoing about them. It’s not quite tinny, but frothy and woodsy. It’s the sound of the Phoenix rising, the sun coming up in the morning, brushing against the morning dew. The color spectrum doesn’t quite contain the sound these pipes make and strung together with a growing rhythm section and hearty acoustic guitar, Donohoe’s voice skates along gently. She’s not fey, rather, fierce and hearty in her belief and dare I say it, faith. I can imagine that some Christian music fans would find solace in “There Are No Words” but I must declare that this is not a Christian song. I think this song nestles itself pretty nicely in the folk-Americana-traditional Irish music genre. It’s always a great thing to explore other avenues and cultivate a following with other audiophiles. Donohoe’s vibrant voice and awesome storytelling make her a great contender for a ‘cross-over artist’ if ever there was one. She’s just divine.

No matter your struggle, as a listener this song connects those bridges between remembering the past and giving thanksgiving to the present time. In writing about the 9/11 events that unfolded, Donohoe keeps that door creeped open to refer back to that time, and in doing so, she also leaves a space open for opportunities. “There Are No Words” captures in song what so many can’t do and she gives us the song to convey our thoughts and fears. If you’re looking for a song to add to your playlist that gives you goosebumps, then “There Are No Words” is your best bet. This song and Donohoe are excellent. She elevates the room, amplifies the sense and creates a spellbinding listening experience. If you weren’t forever changed by 9/11, then “There Are No Words” will certainly change you as a listener.

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