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Album Review: Gary Pratt “Something Worth Remembering”

With about 6 months since the release of Something Worth Remembering, Gary Pratt is enjoying the success that comes with a great album. For those unfamiliar with this Rockin’ Country gem, Something Worth Remembering is an eleven-song follow-up to the highly acclaimed Angels In The Snow album released with Dawn Noelle. Rich with killer guitar riffs and dynamic drum and bass grooves, this Country powerhouse is proving to stand with most major label releases.

Celebrating the release of “A Song You Can Drink Beer To,” Gary Pratt is amassing over 50k streams on Spotify and 25k views on YouTube in less than six months since its release. A clear example of what to expect from the rest of Something Worth Remembering, “A Song You Can Drink Beer To” is an anthemic Country offering playing on the archetype of what country music should be, an enjoyable experience in which, you can drink a beer to. 2021 ISSA (International Singer / Songwriter Association) Finalist for Male Vocalist of the Year, Album of the Year, and Male Songwriter of the Year (which he won Bronze!), Gary Pratt is cementing his place in the upper echelon of the country greats. Gary is an artist who presents his full emotions with every performance. His desire to sing and connect with his fans is prevalent in this release, as he offers a full range of vocal styles. From the country twang which we would expect from a rocking country artist to a subtle, yet clever vibrato, and his ability to sing in multiple keys with ease, are some of the hidden gems listeners get with Something Worth Remembering. The musicality and production on Something Worth Remembering is professionally presented, with every nuance playing its role. Something Worth Remembering has been in my Country playlist for the past 6 months now, should it not be in yours?

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