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Martha Wash New Album ‘Love & Conflict’

There are some singers that have led an illustrious career but fly under the radar. Love & Conflict EP is Martha Wash’s reminder to the music industry that she’s still a legend in her own rights. You may have heard of Martha Wash as part of The Weather Girls who scored mega hits in the 80’s and even earned two Grammy nominations. Martha has always had a charismatic voice that can mix several genres in her songs while maintaining its unique identity. With Love & Conflict, she has delivered a collection of songs that prove her development and dedication to the craft of music.

Audio – https://open.spotify.com/album/5SJI0aUphTi7qEMOaQBXSj

The album opens with “Glamour Flows” where guitars set the tone with piano and other jazz instruments bringing together a full hearty beat. The rhythms and vibes are energetic and deliver an opening salvo that prepare you for a holistic musical experience. Where “Glamour Flows” was quite spirited, she delivers a more mellow experience with “Soaring Free”, an instant classic that showcases her amazing vocal prowess in a way that Martha has been known to give her audience. You get a feel of an amazing singer with the classic hints of a true great like Elvis Pressley.

Love & Conflict also delivers some jazz, and an all-new vocal delivery in “Like Fire,” a beautiful song that takes listeners on a painful journey of her life, sharing intimate parts of her life’s story that also teach important lessons. You cannot have a Martha Wash album without evergreen dance hits. “Flowers Blossom” is your go-to track to wiggle and jiggle to, you’d also love “Never Enough Money” if you’re up to some weekend fun with a glass of beer and amazing friends. You get sounds that remind you of San Francisco yet feel like the eclectic New York disco scenery. What’s there not to love?

Martha Wash isn’t new to the business of delivering vocal excellence whether in her church choir or high school. Under the productive genius of Sam Basbous and Andrew David, Love & Conflict is a full body of work that delivers on several fronts and serves a reminder that divas live forever. This 8-track EP is a timeless favourite that feels at home in many eras, and everyone’s summer playlist.


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