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Single Review: The Ballsbreakers – “Midsummer”

As the 2020s progress, Filipino quartet The Ballsbreakers continue to showcase their blend of heavy, melodic, and unabashed rock n’ roll. Following the release of their debut full-length, Songs for Fredo, back in 2019, the band maintains a steady local presence that has made these newfound circumstances of Covid-19 worth riding out. Their current single, “Midsummer,” is a solid exclamation point for their momentum, and will lead their upcoming sophomore album, Life in the Tundra.

With springtime in full swing, “Midsummer” gives sensible accompaniment for this transition – the time to make a creative leap, no matter when that may be. According to the song’s intro, 5 AM seems to be the point where that creativity strikes. In a fittingly balls-out blast of robust riffage and percussion, a statement is also made in terms of recognizing the detrimental reality of a situation, as well as an untethered willingness to transcend it. While this brashness, from a stylistic standpoint, might come off in contrast to the pacing of the previous album, a complementary level of melody and breathing room is still present in the distinction in the band’s approach, which is admirable. Rounding out the presentation is the talent of mixer Ryan Booc, who not only accentuates the crunchiness and rawness, but, by the same token, nuanced stability, of the instrumental involvement. There’s a genuine sense of not a full-fledged embrace of the band’s roots, but a genuine realization of growth within this single, and I definitely look forward to how these qualities translate in their next album.

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