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Winning Techniques & Sources for Preparing for Microsoft 98-349 Test with Exam Dumps


Setting yourself apart through earning certifications is essential. The market faces unique challenges that require solution providers who are adept at what they do. With the popularity of the Windows operating systems, getting versed with it would be a step in the right direction. This post covers the Microsoft 98-349 exam which ensures that you are skillful in the fundamentals of the Windows operating system. Read it to learn the details and techniques to apply when preparing to take this assessment.

Understanding Exam 98-349

Knowledge of working with Microsoft 98-349 Exam Dumps would be essential in passing this exam. There are topics to go through first before attaining the required knowledge level. They include understanding and performing the following tasks:

  • Configurations of operating systems;
  • Application management;
  • Client systems installation and upgrading;
  • Device management;
  • Files as well as folder control;
  • Maintenance of operating systems.

The attainment of the skills that will be helpful in doing well in this test is intended to achieve the entry-level certification known as the MTA Windows Operating Systems Fundamentals. Before you register for this assessment, you need to first identify the location of testing centers. But since it is possible to take your test remotely, you can opt for this in case you cannot find an official testing center near you. It is also advisable for candidates to know the questions they expect to face in the test. Thus, 98-349 exam carries 40-60 questions taking 45 minutes and availed in varied styles. It is possible to meet such formats as mark review, best answer, active screen, multiple choice, short answer, build list, and case study. And while the maximum passing mark is 1000 points, you only need to garner 700 points and above to get your Microsoft 98-349 Exam Questions .

Best Techniques & Resources for Preparing and Passing Exam 98-349

In its website, Microsoft clearly states the need to get familiar with the objectives availed for 98-349. You must know the basics of the Windows OS to avoid a situation where it becomes extremely hard for you to answer the assessment questions. So, with the techniques as well as reliable resources below, you can master the concepts and be ready to face the test head-on:

  • Research more info about your upcoming test

Unless you fully acquaint yourself with the concepts, it would be difficult to study. Microsoft has given you the topics on their website and even suggests how you can study them. To start with, browse 98-349 test page to get these facts before you can decide to research other sites or to get the training materials.

  • Follow a plan during your study

Do not attempt to carry out your prep without a clear plan on sight. Start by creating one that you can work without fail. This plan for preparing for exam 98-349 needs to include the topics to cover, when to begin, and when to end the revision. If you do not make one, it will be easy for you to focus on distractions instead of revising for your assessment.

  • Get the official exam resources

The main reason you need to begin your research on the website for Microsoft is to obtain suggestions on the resources to use during learning. The MTA exam 98-349 study course by Microsoft’s instructors should be among the first resources you select. This course is available in a classroom option only and has in-depth coverage of the exam domains. In addition to this instructor-led training, you can opt to purchase the official 98-349 practice test with 122 questions and their explanations.

  • ExamSnap.com and their exam dumps

Another way to prepare for your Microsoft 98-349 is to do exam dumps that are easily found online. However, candidates need to be aware of how to obtain credible dumps. Find reliable sites like ExamSnap.com for valuable insights into your exam prep. It is through this website that you will get to know about the nature of the test questions as you take the braindumps offered by them. ExamSnap.com avails both free and premium exam dumps that go for a small fee. Past takers of this 98-349 assessment have created and uploaded some free vce files to the ExamSnap platform for you to try them in practice. You can then move a step further and get the expert-approved 98-349 Premium Bundle at $39.97 and cover the exam topics with the three items it has. There will be a braindump with 210 previous test questions & answers, a training course with 50 video lectures, and a study guide with 273 pages.

  • Utilizing the VCE Player

Avanset has designed this educational tool, the VCE Exam Simulator, to work in collaboration with ExamSnap dumps for you to boost your chances of doing great in your 98-349 exam. This valuable software can help you create your own tests, edit them, and mimic the environment similar to that of the real assessment.

  • Join an online study group

There are online groups specifically formed for 98-349 exam preparation purposes. You can benefit by sharing your knowledge with other group members and by asking questions when there are things you do not understand. The official study groups on Microsoft’s website usually have instructors leading these groups. Through them, you can obtain advice and tips on how to prepare and pass 98-349 test.

  • Take easier questions first during the actual exam

If you look at the 45 minutes given for your accreditation, you may notice you might run out of time if you do not plan well. However, with a prior understanding of the test questions, the time will be sufficient. Also, if you come across difficult questions, skip them and take the easier ones first. You can always come back and tackle them once you have completed the ones that you are sure will boost your grades.


Certifications from reputable vendors give a signal of skills needed in the marketplace. They are also proof of quality as they point towards a worthwhile goal. The Microsoft 98-349 exam and the MTA badge present specialists and employers with an opportunity to embrace quality and meet their ambitions. And since this assessment is aimed at testing your knowledge, it is best to evaluate yourself first with ExamSnap and their free and updated exam dumps to ascertain your preparedness. If you can tackle the issues presented in the trial questions, it means you are ready to meet the demand of the ever-evolving IT space.

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