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Single Review: Jane N’ The Jungle “Animal”

Ethereal and chorus-stained in one moment, viciously volatile and full of an angst-ridden overdrive in the next, the string play in Jane n’ the Jungle’s “Animal” is the sexiest of their career together thus far. Though they’re hardly the only gem of a component worth writing home about in this all-new single and music video, the guitars here are definitely some of the best I’ve heard this season from any band – mainstream and indie alike. Jane n’ the Jungle are rolling like the hard rock heroes they take their cues from in “Animal,” further establishing themselves as one of the premier indie units in the genre today.


Aside from the riffing, the relationship between the vocals and the bassline in this track definitely shapes the mood of the lyrics more than anything else does. The tone of the verses is constantly under the command of singer Jordan White, but I think we interpret them more through the lens of her straddling the bass grooves than we do her melodic vocal alone. She’s got a lot of charisma in this song and, as I hear it, makes it the worthwhile single/video combo it is beyond question.

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I really like the flow of the rhythm in “Animal,” and there’s absolutely an argument to be made that the drums create as many chills as any of their melodic counterparts do. What’s cool about a song like this one, aside from its cosmetic frills, is that it has the ability to affect listeners from multiple angles as opposed to a singular channel (i.e. lyrics, a beat, etc.). Jane n’ the Jungle haven’t been in the spotlight for long, but here, they’re already behaving with more self-control than most any of their peers in the United States have been in the last couple of years.

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The lyrics aren’t as expressive as the means in which they’re imparted to us in “Animal,” but this isn’t to say they lack substance at all. On the contrary, it’s more to point out just how soul-crushing the vocal harmonies White unleashes from behind the microphone are. Her chemistry with her bandmates is something that I would like to hear more of among Jane n’ the Jungle’s rivals, but nevertheless, they’re exploiting it for themselves quite beautifully in this release. The video backs up the notion of this being only the first of many hits to come, and you don’t have to be a professional critic to pick up on the magic contained within its shots.

If you liked what 2019’s Concrete Jungle had to offer, what Jane n’ the Jungle are hammering out for audiences in their new single and music video for “Animal” is something you’re going to go wild for this season. Led by the impeccable Jordan White and structured to please hard rock buffs as much as it does occasional listeners with an ear for the supremely strong-armed, this band has got a lot of potential for maturation moving forward. I hope they make the most of what they’ve got, and I’m sure I’m not alone in these sentiments.

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