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Shining Streaming Blackjazz Anniversary Show From Iconic Heavy Water Plant

The Norwegian band best known for surprising stunts like playing on top of a mountain or combining black metal and free jazz, will perform their seminal album Blackjazz as a live-streamed concert on June 6th.
See Blackjazz streaming show video trailer below:
You’ll need a ticket to see the show, as it is not going to streamed open on Facebook like many other shows are nowadays. The deadline for purchasing a ticket is June 1st, so get your tickets now before it’s too late!
Times for the show:
Oslo: 11 PM
London: 10 PM
New York: 5 PM
Los Angeles: 2 PM
You can now purchase the tickets along with a special limited edition t-shirt from Shining’s own online merch store: https://shop.shining.no/blackjazz-streaming-show/
A few weeks ago Shining released a remix of the opening track from Blackjazz featuring Ihsahn (Emperor) on vocals. This was to celebrate the 10-Years Anniversary of Blackjazz and the re-issue of the album on vinyl, also available exclusively on their merch store. Hear the track here: https://lnk.to/Shining-Ihsahn-Madness

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