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Single Review: Gemtarra – “Fire Me Up”

Pennsylvania’s Gemtarra follows a simple philosophy, involving creating original music and enjoying the process along the way. Having formed last year as an extension of acclaimed trio Prima Donna, the Philadelphia-based band’s core is maintained by twin sister guitarists Gina and Tina Cieri. In fact, their band name is derived from two pertinent Italian words – ‘Gemilli,’ meaning twin, and ‘chitarra,’ meaning guitar. As such, the band makes the best of utilizing a heavy guitar-driven sound.

The band’s latest single, “Fire Me Up,” which will lead their upcoming eponymous EP, is essential in heightening their spirits. There’s no unnecessary auto-tune or blatantly polished presentation here, simply rock n’ roll in its purest form, a telling asset brought forward by Grammy-winning producer Phil Nicolo. Lead vocalist Megan Glaubitz exhibits decent range alongside the sisters’ riffs, and both aspects benefit from their decision to play out in a humble blend without inadvertently obscuring one another. The guitar solo also shines in that regard, excelling in its phrasing while at the same time emitting nuances of fun. These days, rock n’ roll has held a fluctuating presence especially when contending against pop and hip-hop, but what’s important is Gemtarra undoubtedly keeps its authentic flame burning.

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