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The Hate Club Come to Life with New Single

The Hate Club (THC) is an LA based band that was ultimately brought into being as a “f@*# you” to inner torment with the mission of providing a lifeline to the disenfranchised. THC looks to achieve this goal through a powerful amalgamation of driving bass heavy EDM production style Pop punk vocals and message. The sole member, Alex Poe, is a dedicated DIY-er who not only writes all of his music himself but also performs, tracks all parts, as well as mixing and mastering his songs.

With THC’s most recent release of their 2nd EP, Misfits, the dark and twisted visionary Alex Poe pulls no punches with one of the strongest and most notable tracks being “Under My Feet.” This is the first song on the EP, hitting listeners with a heavy dose of industrial pop offering an invigorating message of autonomy.

In describing this song and how it came to be, Poe states, “I always feel quite skeptical about people’s ‘problems’, sometimes people pursuit such banal things that it makes me really wonder if there’s any meaning to what they’re doing or were they just pushed out into this world and follow the inertia until their death?”

The few essentials of Poe’s story include being born into a musical family, showing prodigiously musical talents early on, and eventually fleeing the oppressive environs of his Ukraine home. Once he made his way to LA, Poe finally found himself able to fully embrace his love for electronic music. Combining this with a dynamic performance style and a punk rock message The Hate Club was created with hopes of becoming “an outlet and a home for others who for others who are lost and don’t know where they belong. THC is a home for outcasts.”

Listen to ”Under My Feet” Here: https://soundcloud.com/thehateclub

Follow The Hate Club Here:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thehateclub
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/iamhateclub/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/iamhateclub
Website: https://thehateclub.xyz


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