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EP Review: KAYLS – Modern Savages

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When 18-year old KAYLS moved to Los Angeles to pursue her dream of making music, she was about as hopeful and starry-eyed as you would expect. Eager to dive into music, she quickly began working on an album largely influenced by an industry that heavily pushed a persona of bubblegum pop onto her. But the resulting lack of authenticity wasn’t acceptable to KAYLS, who abandoned the album and spent the next few years distilling her vision and craft, free of unwanted influence. Shimmering electropop EP Modern Savages is the result.

Produced by pop trio BRAVES, Modern Savages is KAYLS’ answer to those in her life who have tried to change her to fit their vision. Quite directly in “Porcelain“, KAYLS denounces music industry goons whose only objective was to commodify her to best fit their corporate needs. The authenticity and tangible intensity infused in the lyrics along with KAYLS’ impressive voice make for a fierce, striking song. “Summer” and “Carousel” lament past relationships, while title track “Modern Savages” addresses the vapid nature of the current generation in an echo-y, explosive composition. Whether the song covers broad social issues or specific heartbreaks, KAYLS excels with finding her distinct voice within the glimmering production of the EP.

Modern Savages‘ undeniable triumph is piano ballad “Champagne Lover“. The delicate composition and slowly building intensity allow for the true power of KAYLS’ voice to burst forth. The song seamlessly transitions from soft yet passionate verses to synth-back swells of impressive sound. Stylistically unique and evocative, “Champagne Lover” showcases the raw, emotional power of KAYLS voice.

Modern Savages is an all-around solid pop EP, distinct in its style and darker themes, and deliciously catchy. This impressive debut is just the first step in what is sure to be a formidable career for KAYLS .

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Compositions - 9
Breaking Ground - 8
Engagement - 8.5
Lyrical Voice - 8.5
Production - 9


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