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Paradame Releases New Album “Aye! Priori” on Audiodose Records

Seattle singer/rapper and AudioDose recording artist Paradame just released her highly anticipated EP Aye! Priori. Aye! Priori features seven new tracks including the highly praised breakout single “Wave” and her new single “Hurricane” that releases this week. Her EP is available today to stream on SoundCloud, Spotify and Apple iTunes with digital and CD purchase available on audiodose.com.
Paradame will release her music video for “Hurricane” in the coming weeks.

Paradame’s music could be described as a mix of dark electronica, hip hop and R&B. Not one to follow the commercial pace, she experiments with different sounds and styles that could be described as bass thumping, deeply melodic and other worldly. With Aye! Prior, she plays on the philosophical term “a priori”, which means reasoning that comes from theoretical deduction rather than experience or observation. Drawing inspiration from her philosophy background and showing her range as an artist, Paradame perfectly combines spiritual elements displaying her journey through self-reflection while showcase her “you ain’t got ish on me” poignant flows.

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