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Ann Taylor demonstrates newfound emotional growth in “Sober”

It had taken Canada’s Ann Taylor a backpacking trip across Europe to harness her vocal abilities, and that feat is a testament to her artistic merit. Ever since her undertaking, the 22-year-old Alberta-based singer/songwriter has continually showcased only her most poignant sentiments. Such talent has earned Taylor two YYC Music Award nominations, one for Singer Songwriter of the Year, the other for Folk Album of the Year. Her forthcoming EP, Murphy’s Law, is expected to release December 8.

From Taylor’s recent offerings, “Sober” seems to be the most solid example of her current potential by far. Its opening chord sequence is simply the drizzle on the song’s foundation. Once the feathery, yet bouncing percussion supports the guitars, that is when the atmosphere around the track reveals itself. Taylor’s vocal delivery emits similar qualities—perhaps straightforward stylistically, but more nuanced in a thematic sense. Its texture signifies her acquiring a more grounded perspective from a bitter addiction. She feels detached while enveloped in its newfound false security, but shows a true sense of command in acknowledging the extent of its effects.

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