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Hostile Array premieres music video for sophomore single, “Herd Instinct”

Continuing their newfound journey as Hostile Array, the Maryland metal quintet followed up with “Herd Instinct,” the sophomore single to lead their second permutation’s upcoming debut album. It is chock full of dark, pounding metal riffs, while conveying a theme of faith among the ignorance of a collective society.

Yesterday, during the premiere of “Herd Instinct”’s music video, front man Brendan Frey expounded on the song’s meaning to HM Magazine:

“If we lose our principles, our nation has no value. We have lost our sense of what it means to have true freedom. If you protest the system or the powers that be, people often claim that you’re ‘anti-American.’” He adds, “In my opinion, dissent is one of the highest forms of patriotism.”

The video, directed by Michael Burkholder and edited by Bradley Atom, follows a group of five young adults facing the American flag. Black blindfolds are placed over each person’s eyes, which is followed by—through brutal honesty—a blind pledge of allegiance. Perspective shifts between that and the band’s equally brutal performance, demonstrating the ongoing resilience in the fight for a nation of lost souls.

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