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How Much Netflix Cost In US and UK

Ever since the online streaming service has been started, users know about Netflix. In fact, many of the users only believe in Netflix as the Online streaming service because of the wide reach and vast media library it provides. Netflix is present all over the world and is still expanding in many counties where it is not available.

Netflix does come with a free trail plan of one month where you can view all the content available on Netflix for free. If after one month you want to continue using the services, you would have to pick any of the subscription plans listed country wise of Netflix. As the features offered by Netflix are unique and very helpful, the cost charged is not very high especially compared to your cable TV subscription.

However, in every Country, Netflix charges different cost. Here we would find Netflix cost in two major countries.

Netflix Cost Per Month In UK

Netflix came in UK in the year 2000. Since then there has been three plans for subscriptions for the users to choose from – Basic, Standard and Premium.

  • Basic Plan: – In the Basic plan, Users can watch media content at Euro 5.99 on a single screen at a time. User can cancel the plan at any given time of the month and change it to other plan.
  • Standard Plan: The Standard Plan costs Euro 7.49 to the user allowing to view unlimited HD media content on 2 screens at a time on your Phone, laptops, smart TVs etc.
  • Premium Plan: The Premium Plan allows user to watch all the favourite movies, shows, and original series in HD and Ultra HD at 4 screens simultaneously costing Euro 8.99.

Report: According to a report on bussinessinsider, Value of Netflix content has doubled in last two years.

Netflix Cost Per Month In US

Since 1997, Netflix has been leading the digital platform in US, which was started, by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph. Every year the numbers of subscribers are increasing. Netflix offers 3 plans in US namely: – Basic, Standard and Premium.

  • Basic Plan: The Basic plan let the users watch unlimited content on single screen costing $7.99 per month. The content cannot be watched in HD or Ultra HD quality in the basic plan.
  • Standard Plan: The Standard plan lets user watch the unlimited media content at $9.99 on 2 screens at a time on your smart phones, Tablets or Smart TVs in HD quality.
  • Premium Plan: The Premium plan is the most beneficial in terms of Ultra HD quality provided to the users to be watched on 4 Devices at a time costing $11.99.



When compared with other service in market, Netflix is one of the best sites to watch TV shows & Movies. Netflix all three plans come with different features and accordingly user can choose any of them. If you are okay with the Quality provided and use mostly while on the go, basic plan would be suggested.

If you are a working person and need to watch while at home or office, can go for Standard Package. Premium package would be best for a family or friends living together who only watch movies or shows on Netflix and not on cable TV.

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