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Kimia Penton – “Where the Rain Falls” set for July 21st

On July 21st, Kimia Penton’s new album “Where the Rain Falls” will be available. The album, peppered with flavors of jazz, folk and pop music, is the result of a life rich with experience and emotion. Kimia, a singer/songwriter/violinist has traveled across much of the world, along the way letting her background in psychology broaden her horizons and apply her observations to her music, and emphasizing the power of humanity. “Where the Rain Falls” features a collaboration with guitarist Kelyn Crapp, a cover of Bob Dylan’s “Blowing in the Wind”, and a heart breaking, personal song, “First and Last Time” that Kimia wrote for a friend’s wedding. One of the album’s lead singles, “Not Goodbye” is currently available on Soundcloud.

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