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Meet A New Pop/EDM Artist Vin Ryan

Established in January 2017 in Los Angeles, California, Vin Ryan is a Los Angeles based electronic and pop singer-songwriter who just recently released two debut EPs called WHITE and BLUE. In the past few months, Vin has been performing his works in Los Angeles venues such as The Viper Room, The Mint, and Molly Malone’s. While being a solo performer is the newest addition to his career, Vin has been performing as a tenor in many different choirs throughout his life. With the initial background of classical music in piano, Vin’s influences when writing music widely range from classical composers to contemporary and mainstream artists.

About Vin Ryan

Born and raised in Indonesia. Vin moved to the States for college and had pursued his dream of being a singer-songwriter since he graduated from the University of Southern California. Even though he pursued his degree as a business student, he knew exactly that his passion in music is what he is going to focus on in life. Therefore, he associated himself with many different choirs and even now aside from being a solo artist, Vin is a part of the choir Tonality, a professional choir started by Alexander Blake. Sharing the same value, Vin as an artist and Tonality as a choir are both fighting for unity and peace in the world.


“Train of Thought” was the first song released from this EP. It’s a five-song EP consisting of electronic music. Vin released a lyric video of “Train of Thought” on his Facebook page and has gained over eleven thousand views from it. His main target audience for this EP is Electronic Dance Music listeners. “Train of Thought”, “Follow Me” and “Ice Cold Heart” are all EDM based. “Arrow”, which Vin has released a music video on, is more of an electronic pop type of song with some rock glimmers to it. His listeners claim that “Arrow” has a catchy hook and it has received well responses from most people gaining him over seven thousand views on YouTube. The last song, “Childhood Dream” is not as upbeat as the other songs. It has more of a James Blake kind of aesthetic to it.


Starting off with the pop and upbeat song “Wake Up Call”, Vin gathered Indonesian crowds a few days before the release of both of his EPs. The genre of the EP WHITE is primarily pop and it has some acoustic flavors to it. The first song “Wake Up Call” has been received well by mostly Indonesian listeners and it has gained over eight thousand views on his Facebook page. The other songs are called “Can I Smile?”, “Worth for Me”, “Don’t You Give Up”, and “Run”. Vin revealed his greatest vision is to inspire younger generations to never give up and to reach beyond their full potential. Vin himself had been practicing music since he was little. He learned piano since the age of three. Then, he self-taught himself to sing.

What’s Next

Vin will continue to promote his songs from the two EPs in the meantime while also considering to signing with a major record label in the near future. Vin is constantly writing and already in the planning process or his next record. His wish is to be able to work with some well-known producers that he has in mind for his next project.

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