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Instrumental Jazz Music by EStheMusicSides – A Day’s Worth

He is Ed Stephen an independent musician going under the moniker of EStheMusicSides. E.S. being the initials of his real name and “theMusicSides” obviously is the side that shares original music for sale or streaming. His instruments are mainly piano synths & guitar where he is self taught. He was caught up in inspiration at a young age by Jimi Hendrix to play his first owned instrument, the guitar. He got lessons to specifically learn how to play solos but said the teacher wanted to teach him how to play other people’s music. SInce he was pretty much doing that on his own and realizing this teacher was not into teaching how to play solos, he quit an continued to learn an figure it out for himself. This lead to a musical awakening where he started to have a music creative spree that got more sporadic with time. He later on became more skilled in his ability and began to create music in multiple genres of music that he personally enjoys today.

Youtube – https://youtu.be/xtE3bkBRBjQ

Soundcloud – https://soundcloud.com/esthemusicsides/a-days-worth


About Stephen Vicino

Stephen Vicino is the founder of MusicExistence.com. He created this site to give talented musicians a voice and a way to be discovered.

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